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What is "Access List"?

Contains the names of individuals who are authorized to come into a designated area for a specific period.


What is "curbside"?

At any given site, the scheduled location of the protectee's arrival


What is a "pilot car"?

A marked police vehicle which precedes the motorcade by approximately one block. It scans the route for dangers, obstructions, and problem areas. A deputy from the detail will usually occupy this vehicle it is equiped with police radio net.


What is "P.U.S.H."?

A post relief system utilized on protection details.


Who is the Shift Leader?

The tactical commander for a protection detail. He also is the center of all communications within the detail.


Who is the Supervisor?

The individual who has overall tactical responsibility for the detail. Generally the only individual who performs courtesy functions and is the main point of contact with the principal.


What does Wheels Up mean?

The term used to identify when the protectee's aircraft is away without incident.


What is the protective services mission?

To protect a designated individual from harm or embarrassment.


What are the 8 types of protective services missions?

1) In-custody prisoners
2) In-custody witnesses
3) Protected Witnesses
4) Judicial family members
5) U.S. District Judges
6) Supreme Court Justices
7) Protectees assigned by AG
8) Dignitaries: Support State Dept.


Who is always closest to the protectee?

The AIC/Supervisor/DIC


What are the three options to an attack on a protectee?

1) Sound off - "Gun Left"
2) Cover - provide cover for protectee
3) Evacuate - get off the X


One example of a protective detail would be 24 hours, what is another?

Portal to Portal


What does curbside mean?

Dropoff or Pickup


What are the three elements you have to be focused on?

1) Be flexible
2) adapt and adjust
3) 360/720 coverage


What are some countermeasures covered?

1) Vary the rate of travel
2) Vary departure and arrival times
3) False convoy


Where does the Supervisor sit?

Front right car, in front of the protectee


Where does the shift leader sit?

Front right of follow car