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What is significant about Benigno's relationship with his mother whilst also considering the Shrinking Lover sequence?

-Benigno's relationship with his mother draws parallels with his relationship with Alicia (Oedipus Complex). He almost substitutes his mother with Alicia.
-Parallels between Benigno and Alfredo are shown with Alfredo going to live with his 'terrible' mother, but then leaves substituting her for Amparo.


What is significant about the snake and the bull

-They are phallic symbols


How does Lydia conform to traits of the Electra complex?

-Lydia wants to be successful as a bullfighter and is very much a driven character, perhaps she wishes to impress her absent father figure who was the one that got her into bullfighting in the first place.
-Lydia in the end goes for El Nino over Marco, perhaps as he draws more similarities to her absent father.


How does Bengino conform to traits of the Oedipus complex?

-Benigno's replacement of his mother for Alicia shows traits of the Oedipus Complex which is a Psycho-Analytical Theory
-Benigno cared for his mother throughout the majority of his life, and his incapability of living without someone is clear to see during the closing sequence when Benigno is shown during his first phone call to Marco at the time which he is locked up in Segovia prison - 'I need Information, how's Alicia?'.
-Benigno ultimately commits suicide during the closing sequence due to his inability to be with Alicia and in an attempt to 'reunite' with her.


What parallels are seen between Lydia's father and Marco?

-After Lydia's bullfight, where we get a proper introduction into her character, the bullfight is cut to an insert of a photographing image of Lydia's father, the camera pans up allowing the face of Lydia's father to take center frame. Suddenly the camera cuts to a close up shot of Marco as he sits in a bar awaiting Lydia's attention. This use of editing draws a direct comparison between Marco and Lydia's father. Perhaps suggesting how Lydia desires a man more in keeping with the traits of her father.


What is significant about Lydia and her relationship with the bulls and snakes throughout Talk to Her (Freudian reading)?

-Lydia's fear of snakes symbolises rejection of the phallus.
-Her being gored by a bull could be representative of sexual violation.


Where in Talk to Her are there examples of the 'male gaze'?

-The images of Alicia being bathed by Benigno are full of ideas about purifying, cleansing, and intimacy, although they are not presented to us in a sexual manner except through the eyes of others.
-Namely Alicia's father and Marco
-When we suddenly become aware and awkward of the fact that Alicia is half naked and utterly passive and vulnerable.
-This makes us in a sense share in the 'male gaze' displayed by Benigno and later by Marco, which is then further complicated by the paternal gaze of Alicia's father.


What is significant about the on stage performances in the opening and closing sequences, when considering Psycho-Analytical Theory?

-The dance sequences could be interpreted as representing male and female separation (in the first instance) and union (in the final sequence).


What does the name Lydia mean in Spanish?

- Lydia means contest, she is a driven androgynous character