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Baddeley - gave us more insight into our STM and LTM – people/psychologists developed on his results to find out more about the LTM (for example), like episodic and semantic memory

Schmolck - concluded that the anterolateral temporal cortex has a link with semantic knowledge and memory; which is correlative with dementia patients. They have deficits in the anterolateral temporal cortex, as opposed to the medial temporal cortex

MSM - gave us insight into how our memory works, psychologists then used this model to develop the stores e.g. episodic and semantic memory, and the working memory model

HM - his hippocampus damage and consequential amnesia has helped with many different theories, models and studies. For example, the multi store model of memory and Schmolck's study

RM - Helps us understand why I witness testimony is maybe very inaccurate, and why it is not recommended to use eyewitness testimonies as sole evidence in court

Also can apply everything to eyewitness testimony key question



MPA, drug treatments

Token economies

EWTs- key question somewhat