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Who went to public schools and why

Landowner sons went to become the future lawyers, doctors, politicians and schoolmasters ect...


Name 2 consequences of the large freedom and lack of authority that the school boys had

1. Frequent riots
2. Excessive bullying of younger years (fagging system)


What was Thomas Arnold famous for

Thomas Arnold was the headmaster of Rugby school and was instrumental in reforming the school system using sport to be beneficial to control the boys behaviour and instil discipline


Sport became accepted and built characteristics, name 2 of these characteristics

1. Leadership
2. Teamwork
3. Trust
4. Loyalty
5. Etiquette


What is the development of character known as

The ‘cult of athleticism’


Name 3 changes to schools as a result to Arnold’s reforms

1. House system arose
2. Teachers now monitor sport frequently after school
3. Sport specific facilities built in schools


Name 3 ways that, post 1850, public schools helped shape sports and games

1. Lots of free time so standards rose
2. Able to afford specialist equipment and facilities
3. Schools employed professional coaches as had the money
4. Sport was made compulsory for all school boys
5. Regular intra-house and inter-school competitions so helped codify rules


What did the industrial revolution (post 1850) create

A wealthy middle class who also sent their children to public schools


Name 2 effects of Oxbridge on influencing sport

1. Many schoolboys went to study at Oxbridge so it became a ‘melting pot’ or mixing of rules which lead to standardised rules being written
2. Oxbridge students were instrumental in forming NGB’s
3. Often went back to be teachers at schools so brought rules and standard with them
4. Often went in the army and took their coded rules internationally