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when do you review the materials and products for a project in the design process to make sure they still meet the basic design and needs of the client

final stages of design development


what is a MSDS or material safety data sheet

info about the physical makeup of a substance, how to store and handle it and what to do in case of a spill- usually for hazardous substances. typically used by workers and emergency ppl but helpful to know


what is detailing

figuring out how individual components fit together


what are the four categories of detail requirements

design intent


what is the starting point to having to develop a detail

design intent- it needs to remain a part of the design and not get lost in the constructability aspect of the detail


what are some constraints when it comes to detailing

code requirements
substrates (concrete subfloor vs plywood subfloor etc)
Costs- must be proportionate to overall budget- you can save money by detailing things a certain way or it could cost more if it is labour intensive.
Industry standards- minimizes potential liability if something goes wrong
Material Availability
Labour and construction practices (standard)


what are some functions you need to consider when detailing

Concealment and finish
Human Fit
Safety (structural, fire, safety with human contact)
Security- need to coordinate with security- lighting, video camera positions, monitors, controls, speakers


when would you need to detail something for acoustics

paritions and room finishes


what is one of the hardest things to control in construction design and detailing

controlling moisture like showers etc


how can you take sustainability into account when detailing

using low VOC adhesices and finishes and allow for easy deconstruction so the individual components can be recycled