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What does analysis of qualitative data involve?

The interpretation of verbal and non numerical material, and is usually (not always) concerned with the in-depth analysis of experience, beliefs and attitudes, searching for meaning behind them


What is Top Down analysis of data?

Pre existing theory used to generate codes.
Researcher already has an idea of what they are looking for in the data.


What is Bottom Up analysis?

Codes emerge from the data to produce new theory’s.
Researchers have no preconceptions about which themes might emerge.


What is content analysis?

A type of observational research that provides a systematic method for analysing qualitative data,such as transscripts for interviews. In order to test the hypotheses about its content.
The main aim is to reduce qualitative data to a quantitative form.


How does content analysis use coding?

The researchers creates a coding system of pre-determined categories at the outset of the study, which are then applied to the data to be analysed in a consistent way.

Researcher will analyse how often each coding unit occurs.


Why are pilot studies used before a full-scale content analysis is carried out?

So the researcher can ensure that what they are analysing is what they are meant to be analysing and the coding system is appropriate for the material being analysed.


Why is content analysis used?

To turn qualitative data into quantitative data.


Why is it important to have clear coding units/categories?

To ensure the content analysis is standardised to prevent confusion and to ensure that is can be replicated to check its reliability.


Where does thematic analysis come from?

Grounded theory


What is grounded theory?

A type of bottom analysis which is the systematic generation theory from data.
The data is collected first, and The theory emerges later.


How does thematic analysis work?
Use the idea of transcripts

The transcripts are marked with a series of codes, extracted from the text and are grouped together based on their similarity.

Themes or categories are formed, which are the basis for the creation of a theory.