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Observational learning

Learning through observing and imitating others and their behaviors


Role models and modeling

Provides a means to observe and imitate behaviors


Goal behaviors

Behaviors that the therapy is designed to teach and targeted outcomes that can be measured


Observational learning (cont.)

Demonstrating how to perform a new behavior
Prompting us or showing us how to use the behavior at the appropriate times
Motivating us or increasing our desire to use a new skill
Disinhibiting us


Role models (cont.)

1) attractiveness
2) competence
3) extent to which role model is rewarded


Modeling behaviors (cont.)

1) recognize criminal thinking patterns
2) correct and discuss negative attitudes
3) do not let minor rule breaking beh. Slide in an effort to be liked
4) be attentive to your own anti social behaviors and manage those accordingly
5) don't attempt to "con talk" to become close to clients
6) model anti-criminal expressions
7) encourage association with prosocial others
8) encourage clients to avoid high risk situations
9) model good self-management skills
10) insist on regular attendance and completion
11) focus on criminogenic needs and behaviors that lead to recidivism
12) reinforce anti criminal expressions


Goal behaviors (cont.)

Behaviors that when used can produce a different outcome

Prosocial behaviors=prosocial outcomes

*specific to client
*break down complicated goals into small manageable components
*clear and concise
*goal client is able to perform