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Hormone that is seen elevated when on menopause (HAVOC)



Digoxin Intoxicty seen with what effects?

anoxeria, N/V, diahrea and bradycardia. KEY SEEN WITH Yellow green distrubances and arrthymias like paroxysmal atrial tachycardia with a 2:1 block


Immigrant who comes in with abdominal pain then seen with seizures and along with 3 hypodensities in the brain in a straight line pattern. What is the bug?

It was a due to a Cysterocosis--- (tinea solenia species) STRAIGHT LINE HYPODENSITIES (calcifications there)... It is an intestinal tapeworm that is seen in undercook meat.


Immunodeficient patient seen with ring enhancing lesion



Patient is seen with elevated AST and ALT, low hemoglobin and decreased platelets in pregnant lady. What is disease and what is treatment?

HEELP Give Mag sulfate


Differ btwn 2 types of esophageal cancer

Squamous cell occurs in the upper part of the esophagus and is a proliferation of squamous cells Barretts or esophageal adenocarcinoma is a change form squamous cells to columnar cells in distal 1/3 seen with GERD and alcohol abuse


Loss of vibration, touch, pressure, and propioception is a lesion where? and where does it dessicusate?

Dorsal columns and decussates in the medial leminiscus


Patient who comes in with a rad rash on the skin after being prescibed with an antiobitic and has a renal failure with INCREASED EOSINOPHILS???

ACUTE INTERSTIAL NEPHRITIS--- eosinophils give this disease away---- the elevation of them--- commonly seen due to an allergic reaction with an antibiotic


What is the disease seen with this EKG?

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Premature ventricular contractions.

There are no p waves seen


Patient comes in complaining of hallucinations after smoking an unknown substance. What neurotransmitter is seen effected



Commonly seen side effects on substances and receptors effected

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PCP effects what receptor with what symptoms

Effects the NMDA

Symptoms: agitation, beligerance, ataxia, hyperthermia, and psychosis


Patient complains of loss of temperature sensation and pain. What tract is effected and where does it decussate?

Anterior spinothalmic tract

Seen with sringomyelia, and decussates at the anterior white commisure


Patient who is coughing up blood and blood in stool with nausea and depression. Has overdosed on what medication and what is the treatment

Ferrous sulfate

Tx: is the deferoxosome


Other common overdoses

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How do you calculate absolute bioavailability

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Pt. who has to pee multiple times at night but with decreased skin tugor, and is resistant to anti adh and water restriction

Lithium induced nephrogenic diabetes insipidus


What are the drugs seen with TB?

What are the side effects of them? 

Rifampin (revs up p450 so his the liver- orange red urine, and hits rna polymerase

Isonizid-- blocks bacteria fatty acid synthesis-- big thing seen with it is liver toxicity and peripheral neuropathy due to B6 deficiency


Ethambutol (red green color blindness)


Causes of RTA

Type 1-- due to decreased hydrogen reabsortpion--- hypercalcemia, and calcium stones, normal ph and K levels

Type 2--- due to decreased bicarbonate reabsorption--- decreased ph but normal K levels 

Type 4-- due to aldosterone reabsorbtion issue--- seen with massive hyperkalemia--- with hypercholermia


Signs of parkinsons?

resting tremor (pill rolling), with shuffling gait, bradykinesia or slowness and HYPOSMIA (Lack of smell)


HOW TO DIFFER BETWEEN PBC and autoimminue hepatitis

Both seen with elevated ALT AND AST in autoimmune patient

PBC--- seen with + AMA

autoimmune hepatitis seen with +ANA


What is the most common nephrotic syndrome seen with IV drug abuse and HIV, and sickle cell???

Focal Segmental Glomepheritis


Common signs of other types of glomeronephritis

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What is seen in goodpasture syndrome

Pt complains of lung and renal issues.

Typically seen with glomeronephritis, hemopytisis, and renal failure. 

Typically seen with TYPE 4 collagen of the BASEMENT MEMBRANE

Differs from GPA (wegner's) bc wegner's also hits the throat and has C-anca seen with it!!!!


Test of choice when some presents with an enlarged prostate and elevated PSA?

Transrectal ultrasound with biopsy


Differ btwn case-control, cross sectional, and cohort studies

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Drug of choice in patient with type 1 diabetes and effects?


Prevents gluconeogeneis, glycogenolysis, and increases uptake in cell


Other durgs and ways they work in diabetes

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Bone mass comes from what 2 cells?

bone mineralization is due to what?

Mass is due to osteoclasts and blast? Blast build and clast destroy

Mineralization is due to phosphate and vit D--- taken out by PTH



Anterior pituitary

Post: oxytocin and vasopressin

ANterior-- fsh, lh, tsh, prolactin, ACTH, trh


How to dianosis scolosis? Treatment

Side higher is dextro for R and levo for L

Mild- 0-20 and do OMM and orthostatics and possilbly braces

Moderate- 20-45 same as mild

Severe is above 45 and given surgery


What is the nerves of the eye


Sensation of the eye is V1--- opthalmic nerve

pain and tears is done by facial

LR4SO6 and movement is oculomotor is CN3

CN 3 --- causing myhdryosis and closing pupil