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According to Freudian theory, anxiety is a signal for the ego to marshal its defense mechanisms, which function as

unconscious protective mechanisms


According to the authors of your textbook, the definition of a psychological disorder is associated with

impaired functioning


According to the definition of personality disorder, only individuals who show ____ patterns of maladaptive behavior should be diagnosed with a personality disorder

relatively permanent


After Philippe Pinel systematically introduced moral therapy as a treatment in mental hospitals in France, a similar type of treatment was first established in a US hospital by

Benjamin Rush


After the mid 1800s, moral therapy declined as a treatment for the mentally ill in the United States because

immigrants caused an increase in the mental hospital population


All of the following are examples of defense mechanisms according to psychoanalytic theory except



All of the following are ways in which mental health professionals might function as scientist-practitioners EXCEPT

analyzing their own motivations and reasons for helping people with psychological problems


Anton Mesmer, an early 18th century physician, purported to be affecting cures in patients by unblocking their flow of a bodily fluid he called "animal magnetism". In fact, any effectiveness of his methods was actually due to

the power of suggestion


A psychological dysfunction refers to

(any of these)
-a breakdown in cognitive functioning
-a breakdown in emotional functioning
-a breakdown in behavioral functioning


According to psychoanalytic theory, the role of the ego involves

mediating conflict between the id and the superego