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The most significant feature of bulimia is:

binge eating followed by compensatory behavior


The core diagnostic factor in anorexia is:

intentional weight loss reaching 15% or less of expected body weight


When women are asked to identify the most attractive female body weight, they typically identify a weight that is:

lower than the weight identified by men


Which of the following statements is true regarding body fat in those with bulimia nervosa?​

​Women with bulimia tend to have more body fat than those without the disorder


Eating disorders are most prevalent in​

​Western cultures where food is plentiful


Individuals who experience loss of control of their eating and consume great quantities of food but do not engage in any attempts to compensate for their binge would be diagnosed with

binge eating disorder


Which of the teenage girls described below is at greatest risk for developing an eating disorder?​

​Alice is currently on a diet; her friends also diet aggressively


An early stage of the cognitive-behavioral treatment (along with education about the physical consequences of binge eating and purging) for Mary, who has bulimia nervosa, will likely involve​

small, frequent meals


Studies of the effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral treatment for bulimia nervosa have demonstrated​

​significant short- and long-term gains in the reduction of binge eating and purging


Body dysmorphic disorder can include

-rituals such as checking behaviors
-ideas of reference
-a focus on skin and hair

all the above