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​The original concept of performance anxiety as a cause of sexual dysfunction has been replaced with a more modern view that performance anxiety is comprised of factors in

arousal, cognitive processes, and negative affect


The procedure called orgasmic reconditioning works according to the principle of:

reinforcement of appropriate arousal


​All of the following statements about sex reassignment surgery are true EXCEPT

15 percent later regret surgery


​________ are individuals who receive a sexual thrill from inflicting pain on others, and ________ are individuals who receive a sexual thrill from receiving physical pain.

sadists; masochists


​Data from research studies on gender differences in human sexuality reflect all of the following themes EXCEPT that

men emphasize committed relationships more than women


​Patients undergoing the procedure called orgasmic reconditioning are instructed to

​masturbate to their usual fantasies but to substitute more desirable ones just before ejaculation.


​Research regarding sexual orientation suggests that homosexuality is

influenced by biological/genetic, psychological, and social factors


​Sexual dysfunction in the United States is experienced by

approximately 43 percent of women and 31 percent of men


​The most common of all the male sexual dysfunctions is

premature ejaculation


​According to results reported in your textbook, what is the percentage of women who successfully overcome vaginismus?