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According to the diathesis-stress model, psychopathology is the result of the

interaction of an inherited tendency and events in an individual's life


An example of the relationship between emotion and health is demonstrated by the finding that

anger increases the risk of heart disease


A rat is placed in a cage and given electrical shocks over which it has no control. When it's placed in a shuttle box, the rat does not attempt to escape the shock due to

learned helplessness


Balancing the "emergency" or "alarm" response to stress and returning the body to a state of "normal arousal" is a function of the

parasympathetic nervous system


Drugs that increase the activity of a neurotransmitter are called



Epigenetics refers to the process of cellular material influencing traits by

turning on or off genes from outside of the genome itself


In the 1992 studies conducted by Baxter et al., OCD patients were provided with cognitive-behavioral therapy (exposure and response prevention) but no drugs. This study is important because brain imaging showed that

the neurotransmitter circuits of the brain had been normalized


It is important to understand the process of how learned helplessness is created in laboratory animals because learned helplessness in animals resembles the human disorder of



Many factors determine whether genes are "turned on", including

social influence
biological influence
cultural influence
(all the above)


Recent research and increased understanding about the role of neurotransmitters in psychopathology point out that

simple cause/effect conclusions that an individual neurotransmitter abnormality causes a disorder are incomplete