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A diagnostic category has _____ when the signs and symptoms chosen as its criteria are consistently associated with each other, and are different from those for other categories.

construct validity


All of the following are criticisms of the DSM-5 except

It emphasized a biological perspective, sometimes at the expense of the human aspect of psychological disorders


Clifton had been experiencing a number of psychological issues, so he decided to go to a psychiatrist to see what was wrong. Dr. A told him he had major depressive disorder. He decided to seek a second opinion. Dr. B diagnosed him with generalized anxiety disorder. Wanting yet another opinion, he went to Dr. C, who told him he was obsessive-compulsive. This demonstrates poor

inter-rater reliability


Emily created an assessment that asks individuals to describe emotions elicited by geometric shapes and draws conclusions from the content of these descriptions. This assessment belongs in the category of

projective tests


In a clinical interview, the law regarding "privileged communication" does NOT apply if the patient

threatens self-harm or harm to another person


Mr. J, a 40-year-old recent immigrant to the United States, comes from a working-class background and is just learning to speak English. He applies for a job and is given a test. His score is compared to others who have taken the test, mostly young college graduates whose native language is English. Mr. J thinks this is unfair. In fact, this is an issue of



The ABCs of observation refer to the _______ sequence



The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is a publication of the

American Psychiatric Association


The process of clinical assessment

is like a funnel, during which a clinician narrows the focus of information to rule out problems and find what is most relevant


When a diagnosis tells the clinician what is likely to happen over the course of the disorder and the likely effect of treatment, the diagnosis has

predictive validity