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According to several cross-cultural research studies reported in the textbook, the prevalence of OCD is

very similar across cultures


According to the textbook, the experience of fear can be described as a(n)

immediate alarm reaction to danger


A friend stated that when she went to a clinic, she had to spend 30 to 60 second sessions shaking her head from side to side, spinning in a chair, tensing all her muscles, hyperventilating, or breathing through a narrow straw. She is most likely receiving treatment for

panic disorder


Agoraphobic avoidance behavior appears to be determined by

the extent to which the person expects another panic attack to occur


All of the following are symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) EXCEPT



An individual who suffers from panic disorder might become anxious about climbing stairs, exercising, or being in hot rooms because these activities produce sensations similar to those accompanying a panic attack. In psychological terms, the exercise and hot rooms have become

conditioned stimuli


A relative of yours who suffers from panic disorder asks you what treatment would have the most long-lasting benefits. Since you have just read about the double-blind NIMH research study evaluating psychological treatments with and without medication, you tell your relative to first try

panic control treatment that includes cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)


A teenage girl had recently been having panic attacks while shopping at the mall. She was sitting in her room feeling very depressed. To cheer her up, a friend suggested that they both go to an exercise class. Shortly after the warm up started, however, she had another panic attack. What is the best explanation for this occurance?

The physical sensations experienced during exercise had become an internal cue for panic to occur


For generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), the typical pharmacological treatment of choice has been the category of drugs known as



People with GAD

have a median age of onset based of 31 (based on interviews)