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A 35-year-old individual named Manny has recently formulated an elaborate plan to cure AIDS with vitamin therapy. To provide funding for this cause, he has withdrawn all the money from his bank account and purchased thousands of jars of vitamins and small boxes in which to put them. When he appeared at a hospital emergency room loudly demanding names of patients with AIDS, he himself was hospitalized for psychiatric observation. What of the following is Manny experiencing?​

Manic episode


A hypomanic episode refers to​

​A shorter and less severe form of a manic episode with less impairment in functioning


All of the following words are used to describe the manic mood state EXCEPT​



​Although the mood-stabilizing drug lithium is the preferred treatment for bipolar disorder, patient compliance has been a problem. Patients often stop taking their lithium, even though it is effective in stabilizing their moods, because they

miss the euphoric feelings that mania produces


Approximately what percentage of women suffer from premenstrual dysphoric disorder?​



A typical episode of major depression last __________, with very severe cases lasting as long as​ several years.

9 months


​Clinical studies have shown that 50 to 75 percent of patients taking Prozac and other SSRIs will experience

sexual dysfunction


Considering the terms used to differentiate mood disorders, cyclothymic is to dysthymic as​

​bipolar is to major depressive


Current research into neurotransmitter systems has produced the “permissive” hypothesis, which means that​

​when serotonin levels are low, other neurotransmitter systems become dysregulated and contribute to mood irregularities


In Aaron Beck’s depressive cognitive triad, individuals think negatively about all of the following EXCEPT​

Moral principles