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​All of the following are risk factors for suicide EXCEPT

​a vague suicidal fantasy without detailed plans


​Although the glorification and romanticizing of suicide in the media contributes to the incidence of copycats, it is more likely that the person copying the suicide is

​vulnerable due to an existing psychological disorder.


​Impulsive suicidal behavior is often a symptom of ________ personality disorder.



​Research has found that low serotonin levels may be implicated in suicidal behavior because they affect all of the following EXCEPT



​Suheil comes into your clinical psychology practice reporting that he’s been feeling so down he’s had suicide on his mind. To determine his level of risk for suicide, you should make sure to assess Suheil’s

-​Desire to actually carry out a suicide
-Access to weapons and other means of suicide​
-Specific plans, if any, for committing suicide
-all above


​Which of the following statements about suicide is correct?

For college students, suicide is the second leading cause of death


​Which of the following statements reflects the current thinking on the issue of the relationship between mood disorders and suicide?

​Suicide is often associated with psychological disorders, especially depression


​With regard to social support,

​having social support helped speed recovery from depressive episodes


In a randomly assigned, controlled study conducted by David Rudd and his colleagues, previously suicidal, hospitalized young adults were helped to develop social competence and more adaptive coping skills, and to recognize the emotional triggers that precipitate suicide attempts. A two-year follow up indicated continued reductions in suicidal ideation and behavior. What is the significance of this study?

It has been expanded into the first empirically supported psychological treatment for suicidal behavior


The highest rates of suicide per 100,000 Caucasian people occurs in which age group?