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​A woman diagnosed with schizophrenia announces that she has a plan to end poverty and homelessness in the world and that the Pope has given her secret instructions on how this can be accomplished. Her thinking is indicative of a delusion of



Callie has been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. This means that in addition to schizophrenica symptoms, she also has symptoms of​

a mood disorder


​Extrapyramidal symptoms, serious side effects of antipsychotic medications that occur in some patients with schizophrenia, are similar to the symptoms of

​Parkinson’s disease.


​If an individual is diagnosed as psychotic, it usually means that the person has

hallucinations and delusions

both of these


​In terms of a particular emotional communication style known as expressed emotion, researchers have shown that patients with schizophrenia were more likely to relapse if

-they had long periods of contact with their families
-they had families who were disapproving and intrusive

both a and b


​In the 1950s, several drugs provided the first hope that schizophrenia is treatable. They were called



​In the 1970s, researchers set up a treatment system called a token economy in a mental health center. This type of “milieu” treatment for patients with schizophrenia focused on

socialization and self-care skills


In the textbook case of Arthur, he said that he had a “secret plan to save all the starving children in the world.” After Arthur showed other bizarre behavior and said he was going to climb the fence of a government building, his parents tried to have him admitted to a psychiatric hospital. They were not able to do that because​

​he was not considered a danger to himself or others


​In working with schizophrenic patients, mental health professionals typically distinguish between ________ symptoms (an excess or distortion of normal behavior) and ________ symptoms (deficits in normal behavior).

positive ; negative


​Although some research shows that people with schizophrenia commit violent crimes, _____________ are a better predictor of violence than schizophrenia.

anger and antisocial personality