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State the six parts of the just war theory.

1) The war must be a just cause,
2) The right intention for fighting a war,
3) The decision must be made with proper authority,
4) Prisoners of war must be treated well and humanely,
5)There must a possibility of a victory,
6) The response of declaring war must be proportionate.


A bible quote that supports war.

"An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth"


A bible quote that is against war.

"Love your neighbour as yourself"


Do Christians view righteous anger as acceptable.

We believe righteous anger is acceptable and necessary only if its going to be used, in a controlled manner and if its going to have a positive change.

However we must be careful as its very easy to make mistakes and anger to break out in a wrong way in which isn't controlled.


Name an example of when righteous anger was justified.

In the Democratic republic of Congo where the government was unjustly delaying the elections, so therefore it was deemed necessary in this instance by the Catholic church.


Arguments for why forgiveness is right.

God will punish these people himself,
God always told us to forgive in the bible,
Justice will be paid via the law of the country.


Arguments against forgiveness

Sometimes theres no-one to forgive e.g in a terrorist attack,
Mary said not to forgive but to mourn and comfort offers instead.


Who created a list of justified reasons to go to war.

St Thomas Aquinas.


Why do some people see righteous anger as unnecessary.

Some people would say this as they would argue you would get the same out of a peaceful protest just without the loss of life.


Who are quakers.

Quakers are a christian group who oppose and are against all forms of war and conflict, e.g they would refuse to be conscripted into the army and instead would rather drive ambulances for example.


Define Pacifism

Pacifism is the belief that war and war is wrong and never should be used.


Name a famous person who used pacifism to succeed in his goal

Martin Luther King.


An example of someone who once believed in pacifism but then changed tactics when it wasnt working.



Reasons for Pacifism.

Nuclear wars do a great deal of destruction and could wipe out the entire human race.

Martin Luther King and Gandhi have proved it can be successful in achieving a goal.


Reasons against pacifism.

An evil or corrupt leader would ignore non violent protest. E.G Adolf Hitler,

A pacifist nation would be vulnerable to an invasion and an attack from a another country.


Reasons agreeing with the just war theory being irrelevant and out of date.

Warfare has changed- today we face terroism by non countries e.g isis.

Terriosts have no morals.


Reasons against the just war theory being out of date and irrelevant.

It can be modified for each particular scenario or war,

It has already survived and will evolve.


State a quote against the JWT theory.

' There is no such thing as a just war in a nuclear age'- Pope John the 23rd


What is the meaning of a tyrant.

A ruler who uses power unjustly.


Why did Dietrich Bonhoeffer stop using pacifist tactics and turned to violence as the only option.

Hitler was a corrupt leader who was simply ignoring his protests so they resulted in nothing.


Examples of people where pacifism has worked.

Pacifism has worked in Martin Luther King and Ghandis struggle for freedom and independence.


Reasons against pacifism.

An evil or corrupt leader would simply ignore these protests, A country which is pacifist would be vulnerable to attack as they have no weapons to defend themselves.


Reasons why the just war theory is seen as irrelevant.

Warfare has changed we face non-countries like ISIS, and terroists have no morals


Reasons for keeping the just war theory.

It can be modified for each conflict and have already survived and is evolving.


State a quote against the just war theory.

'There is no such thing as a just war in a nuclear age' =Pope John the 23rd


Does the Catholic church believe refugees should be allowed to stay and live in another country.



What is the Catholic Church's view on civilian casualties

It states that non combatants,wounded soldiers and pows should be treated well and respected.


Do Catholics believe we should try to limit environmental damage in a war.



What is a christian martyr.

A person who is ready to suffer violence or death for refusing to give up their faith. Martyrs and highly valued in the Catholic Church


Do Catholic believe all humans deserve equal human rights.



Define terroism.

Terroism is the unlawful use of violence, usually against innocent civilians, in order to achieve a political goal.


Name an example of a terroism act.

London bombings of July 7th 2005.


Define Radicalisation.

Radicalisation is the process by which people adopt increasingly extreme positions on religious, social or political issues


Define Torture.

Torture is severe physical or mental pain usually used to force a person to do or say something.