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Name the Leading Sauce and the basic ingredients included in this sauce: Maltaise Sauce

Hollandaise, add orange juice and orange zest


To convert instant dry yeast to fresh yeast:

Multiply the content by 3


The four fresh herbs in "fines herbs" are:

Parsley, Tarragon, Chervil, Chives


Infrared Heat is:

Intense heat transferred by waves to the item being cooked


Where is a beef carcass separated into front and hind saddle

Split between the 12 and 13th rib


Galantines are cooked using what methods:

Either poaching or roasting


When preparing a genoise cake what temperature should the eggs and sugar reach before whipping:

104 F


Instant dry yeast is 3 times as powerful as fresh yeast and active dry yeast is:

2 times as powerful as fresh yeast


Lean breads are baked at:

400-425 F


What is a table d hote:

Fixed menu with no choices, a selection of complete meals with set prices


What temperature is required for washing and rinsing in a manual three sink set up:

110-120 F


New potatoes are defined as:

Any potatoes harvested before it is matured, while leaves and stems are green


Sea salts are:

More expensive, and used primarily for garnishes of plated foods


Name the pigments for white, red, green, yellow and orange vegetables:

White=flavones, Red=anthocyanins, Green=chlorophyll, Yellow and Orange=cartenoids (most stable pigment)


If eggs are not fresh you can add what to the poaching liquid?

Salt and distilled vinegar. Vinegar helps coagulate the whites faster to keep a better shape


How would you determine the food cost percentage if you are given the food cost and the menu cost:

Food cost percentage = Food cost / Menu cost


Name the Leading Sauce and the basic ingredients included in this sauce: Portuguese Sauce

Tomato, saute onions in oil, add tomato concasse, crushed garlic, simmer until reduced by 1/3. Add tomato sauce, adjust seasonings and chopped parsley


Are dried eggs shelf stable?

Unlike most dehydrated products they are not


For ease of portion control what type of molds would you use for a terrine:

Rectangle molds


Name the Leading Sauce and the basic ingredients included in this sauce: Soubise Sauce

Bechamel - onions sweated in butter, simmered with the bechamel then pureed and strained


Can you clarify with egg whites alone:

Yes, increase the egg white amount and take great care because the raft will be more fragile and easily broken up


What are the three main functions of icings:

Improve keeping qualities
Contribute to flavour and richness
Improve appearance


To cook food means to:

Heat food and make certain molecular changes in it


Canapes may be defined as:

Bite sized, open faced sandwiches


List three types of hardshell clams:

Littlenecks - smallest, most tender for eating raw or steaming
Cherrystones - medium sized, most common, can be eaten raw and are good for steaming
Chowders - largest, also called quahogs, often chopped for cooking in chowder of cut into strips because they are tough


Artisan cheeses are:

Cheese produced primarily by hand


The two stage method is quicker, but because the flour is mixed for a long time what two conditions are necessary to prevent gluten from developing toughness:

Increase the percentage of sugar
Emulsified shortening which blends thoroughly to prevent toughness


Reworked dough can be used for:

Combining with mealy dough and bottom crusts only


For an appealing light texture reduce the cream until its:

2/3 its original volume


Eggs keep for weeks if held at:

36 F