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When a reasonable doubt exists as to the interpretation of an order issued from Dept. headquarters, Officers may apply to the ______ for proper interpretation. (Reg 15,15.1.5)

Bureau of Personnel


Quarters housing more than two companies shall receive ____ copies of Dept orders and supplements. (Reg15,15.1.3)
A) 2 B) 3 C) 4

C) 4 copies


All entries by housewatchman shall be in blue or black ink. All entries by other members shall be in _____ ink. (Reg15,pg15-5)

Red Ink


Company Journals shall have a _____ year retention period. (Reg15,pg15-5)
A)10 B)15 C)20 D)25

C) 20 Year


Route cards should be filed in numerical order by_____. (Reg15,15.3.11)

Box Number


Charges must be prepared and forwarded with endorsements to the Bureau of Investigations and Trials within ___ days, after occurrence, unless delayed due to unusual circumstances. (Reg26,26.1.3)
A) 5 B) 8 C) 10 D) 20

C) 10 days


Charges must be prepared on form. (Reg26,26.3.1)

Form BP-115


The _______ upon receipt of charges or trial notice, is responsible for the service of the document upon the respondent, and must make entries in the company journal regarding service. (Reg26,26.5.1)
A)Batt Chief B)Deputy Chief C)Officer on duty

C) Officer on Duty


If charges or trial notice can't be served upon the respondent personally within ____ hours after receipt, or in cases of continued absence without leave, the officer must promptly notify the Bureau of Investigations and trials by phone. (Reg26,26.5.2)

72 hours


If the member suspended does not return offcial badges, insignia and all Dept property within ____ hours, the Bureau of Investigtions and Trials must be notified. (Reg26,26.7.2)

72 Hours


Charges must not be withheld or suppressed by any member. (Reg26,26.1.7)
True or False


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