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What does the evolutionary explanation for partner preference suggest?

Successful mating was important for survival and how we look for physical attractiveness and intelligence in terms of sexual selection


What was Darwin's theory?

Evolution of characteristics can be a reproductive advantage rather than a survival advantage


What is intrasexual selection?

Individuals of one sex must compete against others of the same sex so they are able to mate and pass on their genes


What is intersexual selections?

one sex develops desirable qualities in potential mates e.g. attractiveness


How does being choosy have its benefits?

half the genetic qualities of the offspring


What are females attracted to?

males who invest resources and are physically fit


What are males attracted to?

females who show signs of fertility


What was the key study by Buss?

participants were asked to rate each characteristic e.g. physicall attractiveness and financial prospectus in choosing a mate


What were the findings of Buss?

Women desired men with a financial prospectus and men placed more importance on physical attractiveness and men wanted women younger than them


What is wrong with Buss' survey?

problems of valifity as it gives us an indication of expressed preferences rather than being a representation of what happens in real life?


Cultural traditions may be important?

gender differences stem from culture rather than evolved characteristics and women who were denied economic power may be more reliant on men with money


What does physical attractiveness state?

there was long belief that men placed more importance on physical attractiveness but now women place just as much importance


When do women look for physical attractiveness?

In ST relationships and men in long term relationships


What is the matching hypothesis by Walster and Walster?

When seeking a relationship they look for partners with the same social desirability and look for those in their league


What is the link between matching and physical attractiveness?

first the same socical desirability but now physical attractiveness and so we have realistic choices


How does Darwin's theory link?

Peacocks are attractive due to the colur of their feathers - nothing to do with survival


What is the key study by Walster?

males and females were randomly selected and had to rate each other in terms of physical attractiveness and then asked to complete a questionnaire


How didn't the study support the matching hypothesis?

when they were given a random date to a dance they met them regardless of physical attractiveness but responded more positively to physical attractiveness


What is research support?

males are physically attracted to women


What is a limitation?

physical attractiveness is only one desirable characteristic


What is self disclosure?

When a person reveals intimate information about themselves to another person


What did self-disclosure predict?

stability in the relationship


What was better self disclosure received or given?

Self disclosure received


What was the key study by Sprecher?

where in 2 groups where the participant either received or gave self disclosure - in the reciprocal comsition it was more effective


What is research support?

relationship more stable due to self disclosure and more effective if they believe they are the only person receiving it


What is further support?

Internet also involves self disclosure as you are anonymous so are more comfortable


Are there cultural differences?

yes western cultures believe in self disclosure more


What is the attraction filter theory?

we choose partners bu using a series of filters narrowing down the field of availables


What are the 3 different stages of filters?

social demography, similarity in attitudes and complementary of needs


What is social demography?

Refers to variables such as age and social background which narrows down the field of availables


What is similarity in attitudes?

Involves psychological characteristics such as agreement of values and attitudes through disclosure


What is complementary of needs?

people with different needs provide support to each other so the other can fulfil these - not conflict


What was research?

divided into short term and long term relationship - st= similairty of attitudes and LT= complementary of needs


Lack of research support?

Study was replicated and found no evidence of similarity of attitudes and complimentary of needs - outdates



theory allows people to make predictions about future interactions so time is saved