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What is the model family in the bible ?

The mother , father and children


What do Christians believe the parents should do ?

- provide a place to nurture and disciplining of children
- respect their children , children should respect them back
- provides a place where children can be brought up , with christian values / understanding of faith


What does ‘ fidelity ‘ mean ?

A married couple are faithful and committed to on another
- they should not have affairs
- shouldn’t break the seventh commandment ( don’t commit adultery )


Which denominations believe that marriage should only happen between a woman and a man ?

- Catholic Church
- Anglican Church
- Methodist Church


What do Christians believe about the vows made during marriage ?

The vows aren’t just between the man and woman they are between the couple and God


What are the three strands of chord ?

The married couple and God


What are church of England’s attitudes towards the importance and purpose of marriage ?

- learn to love one another over the course of their lives
- marriage should reflect Christ’s love towards the church
- shouldn’t be selfish and should consider each other’s needs
- important because relationships are developed + love is extended
- learn patience and forgiveness


What do Church of England believe are the three blessings from marriage ?

- creation and nature of children
- correct place for sexual relations
- help and comfort through all aspect of life


What are catholic church’s attitudes towards the importance and purpose of marriage ?

- marriage creates a unique and unbreakable bond between couple
- marriage reveals God’s unconditional love
- as a sacrament, God brings a grace in a couple
- God’s grace help couples be faithful to one another and good parents to their children
- couple should place themselves in God’s care


What are the Christian practices in a Catholic Church marriage ?

- both couples should be baptised before they marry to be sacramental
- includes a special ‘ nuptial ‘ mass
- saying of the vows / following of the liturgy help them direct their thoughts to God


What is ‘ disparity of cult ‘ ?

getting special permission ( usually from bishop ) to marry a non-christian who’s not baptised


What are the Christian practices in a Church of England marriage ?

- welcomes any heterosexual couple , couple not required to be baptised
- vicar offers any couple a course for marriage preparation
- vows made to God brings blessing to the married couple
- couples involvement is key , they are allowed choose if they want to sing hymns or about bible readings etc.