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What is the role of the family in Christianity?

- Within marriage
- A man and a woman should marry and bring up children; nurture and discipline them
- Parents should respect their children, and children should honour their parents
- Parents should bring up their children in a religious way - infant baptism and confirmation


What is the role of marriage in Christianity?

- To have children; for this reason many Christians are against same-sex marriage
- You should only have sexual relations with the person you are married to
- Marriage is a life-long bond between God, a woman and a man
- A man and a woman become one flesh when they marry


What are weddings in the Catholic Church like?

- For marriage to be a sacrament, both of the couple have to be baptised
- Special permission may be gained for a priest to witness the marriage if one of the couple is a non-Christian, but this isn't considered a sacrament
- A nuptial mass takes place


What are weddings in the Church of England like?

- Any heterosexual couple can marry, whether they are Christian or not
- A course in marriage preparation may be offered
- Vows are made to God, as it is believed God is included in their marriage
- Couples choose the Bible readings and hymns they want to use


What are weddings in non-conformist Churches like?

- Much more freedom
- Couples write their own vows; more emphasis on the couple saying things to God
- E.g. Quakers don't have a special marriage ceremony as such: a couple will sit in silence until they feel it is the right time to say their vows. They will say them, sign their marriage certificate. A friend or relative will read the certificate out. At the end of the service, everyone present will sign the certificate.


Which Christian groups allow same-sex marriage?

- Quakers
- US Episcopal Church
- Scottish Episcopal Church


Why are the Catholic, Anglican, and Orthodox Churches against same-sex marriage?

- They teach that sexual relationships should only take place within marriage, for the creation of children
- Ministers from the Church of England are not allowed to carry out same-sex marriages by law
- Leviticus 18:22: "Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable"
- However, a YouGov survey found that in the UK, 45% of Protestants and 50% of Catholics were in favour of same-sex marriage
- Most Orthodox are strongly against same-sex marriage
- However, the Catechism of the Catholic Church advocates acceptance and condemns discrimination of LGBT people


What are Christian attitudes towards civil partnerships?

- Catholic and C of E are against them
- Church of England vicars are allowed to have civil partnerships, but are required to remain celibate
- In 2008, Revered Martin Dudley carried out a blessing ceremony for the civil partnership of Reverend Peter Cowell and Reverend Dr David Lord. He received a strongly-worded letter from the Bishop of London condemning the blessing.


What are Christian attitudes towards pre-marital sex?

- All Christian groups condemn it
- The Protestant Church believes marriage is a remedy against sin
- The Catholic Church believes pre-marital sex goes against the purpose of sex, as it is not necessarily part of a loving relationship, and usually does not have the intention of having children
- Orthodox Christians believe sex outside of marriage cannot express what god intended it to: love and commitment.


What are Christian attitudes towards cohabitation?

- The Roman Catholic Church is against cohabitation
- One reason for this is that they believe they will be tempted to have pre-marital sex
- The Church of England believe that cohabiting couples are more likely to split up, as it is like a marriage but without the commitments
- The Orthodox Church believes that around half of cohabiting couples split up, as opposed to only around 15% of married couples
- In contemporary society, some Christians accept couples may live together and have sex as part of a committed relationship.
- However, most Christians still disapprove of casual sex


What are Christian attitudes towards celibacy?

- Some Christians choose to remain unmarried as it allows them to fully focus on serving God
- Paul, who was celibate, encouraged Christians to follow his example, but to marry if they couldn't control themselves.
- Catholic priests, nuns and monks must remain celibate.
- Protestants are against celibacy - priests should be a model of a functioning marriage
- In the Orthodox Church, only bishops must be celibate.


What are Christian attitudes towards contraception?

- The Catholic Church is against artificial contraception, as it believes sex is for the purposes of reproduction, and using contraception is against 'the natural law'
- However, some natural forms of contraception are accepted, to allow couples to have some control over when they have children
- One of the Church's Cardinals has accepted the use of condoms for married couples if one of them has HIV/Aids
- Most other denominations accept the use of contraception
- The Protestant Church sees contraception as responsible, to ensure you only have children when you are ready and able to bring them up


What are Christian attitudes towards abstinence?

- There are many organisations aimed at young people to stop them having sex before marriage
- These include Teen-Aid and Love Waits
- They aim to prevent teen pregnancies, abortions, STDs, and pressure to have sex


What are Catholic attitudes towards divorce?

- The Catholic Church does not accept divorce; it acknowledges the legal agreement can be broken, but not the holy agreement with God
- This is because they believe marriage isn't under human control - it is from God
- "But I say to you that everyone who divorces his wife, except on the ground of sexual immorality, makes her commit adultery, and whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery."
- They believe couples experiencing difficulties can separate, but while separated they should not enter any other sexual relationships and should try to restore their marriage
- You can't remarry in church if you are divorced and the new marriage is not considered valid by the Church
- However, they do annul marriages - if someone was forced into the marriage, if they were lied to, or if one of them was not allowed to marry (insane, already married, it turns out they were related)
- After annulment, you are free to remarry


What are Anglican attitudes towards divorce?

- The Church of England believes couples should try to work to keep their marriages, but recognise that sometimes divorce is the best option
- Divorcees can remarry - the priest decides whether they can remarry in church