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How can relevant case law assist?

Relevant cases used to help a court make a judicial decision


Where might you find relevant case laws?

RICS has an online library of recent and relevant court decisions on Landlords and Tenants


What case law can you think of in relation to margin of error for a valuation?

Permissible range allowed by courts is between 10% and 15% (e.g. in valuation)

Leading case = Singer and Friedlander v John D Wood & Co (1977) - stated that the margin of error can be 10% either side of the ‘right’ figure

Also reinforced in K/S Lincoln and others v CB Richard Ellis (2010) valuation of 4 hotels 2005


What case law can you think of in relation to bribery?

In 2016, SWEET GROUP were prosecuted for a bribe offered to a Middle Eastern Business in order to secure a contract - fined £1.4m by Serious Fraud Office and £250k by RICS