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In how many days was the earth created?

6 days.


What do fundamentalist Christians say about creation?

They believe that the world was literally created in six days.


What do liberals say about creation?

They regard the accounts more as parables where the message is that God brought the universe into being and all that is in it.


What do conservatives say about creation?

That not didn't take place in the 6 days mentioned but this is an outline for what happened.


What do Muslims say about the 'days'?

They understand the 'days' as phases, not literal days.


How is the story of creation in islam different to Christianity?

It is not stated what was made in each day and there is no mention of a day of rest, as they believe that gods work never ends and continues with every new birth and seed that grows.


What do many muslims suggest about their creation story?

that their scriptures closely resemble the Big Bang theory.


What do Christians believe about the value of the world?

That god leant it to them as a gift and therefore it is their duty and responsibility to look after it. This is called stewardship.


What evidence do Christians have about stewardship?

Adam was given the responsibility of looking after the garden of eden in genesis.


What do christians believe about stewardship and the day of judgement?

They will be held accountable for how well they looked after the world.


What do christians believe humans were given?

Dominion, the power and authority to rule over the world.


What is stewardship called in Islam?



Give a quote relating the lord and the earth.

'the earth is the LORD'S and everything in it'


Who wrote a letter about the need for humans to care for the world?

Pope Francis.


What is said in the Assasi Declarations?

'Every human act of irresponsibility to towards creatures is an abomination'


Give the name of an islamic organisation who have developed a purely islamic way of protecting the environment?

The Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental science (IFEES)


What have IFEES produced?

educational materials, conservation projects and knowledge through social media and seminars. They have also guided fishermen on sustainable practises.


What do christians believe about the use of animals for foods?

They believe humans were made superior to animals and according to Romans, christians have the choice to be meat eaters. "the one who eats everything must not treat with contempt the one who does not"


What to Muslims believe about the use of animals for food?

They teach that animas have been made for the benefit of humans but they are not to be abused. Muhammad is seen as a role model for this: The story of how he cut his robe so not to disturb a sleeping cat.


In islam, how must meat be prepared?

Following halal, and do not eat pigs.


What do modern Christinas generally say about anima experimentation?

They generally support limited animal testing providing there is no other way to develop medicines. Using animals to develop medicines which would benefit humans is a good thing as humans are superior.
However they disagree if its for cosmetics.


What do Muslims say about animal testing?

Doing anything that may harm an animal is strictly forbidden therefore animal testing is banned (haram)


What do Fundamentalists believe about the origins of human life and evolution?

They believe the origins of human life are literally what was recorded in Genesis. Some accept adaption but they believe there is not enough evidence to prove that creatures evolve.


What do many christians say about the origins of human life and evolution?

Many accept evolution, and say that god is concerned with the 'why' whilst scientists are concerned with the 'how'


How do some christians link God and evolution?

They say that the process of evolution was designed by god.


What do creationists in islam believe about the origins and human life and evolution?

They reject the idea of evolution all together.


Who received criticism for supporting evolution in islam?

Usama Husan and Ehab Houheif


What is the legal limit to have an abortion?

24 weeks.


What do pro-life people say?

They argue life begins at conception so abortion is a form of murder.


What do pro-choice people say?

They believe human life doesn't begin until birth or until earliest viability.


Give a quote to support pro-life

'Thou shalt not kill'


What do Catholics say about abortion?

They believe that life begins at conception so abortion is wrong.


What do Methodists and Anglicans say about abortion?

It is often the 'lesser of two evils' for example if the quality of life is expected to be poor or the mothers life is danger.


What do Muslims say about abortion?

Human life is precious as it is god given and therefore abortion is wrong. However under circumstances it is acceptable.


For Muslims, when must the abortion be carried out?

Before ensoulment. When 'ensoulment' is varies.


What do christians believe taking a life does?

It interferes with gods plan.


What did the Salvation Army say about euthanasia?

'all people deserve compassion and care in their suffering and dying. Euthanasia and assisted suicide should not however be acceptable responses'


How could christians support euthanasia?

the drugs given were made by god


Give a quote to support Muslims belief in the sanctity of life.

"Do not take life, which god has made sacred, except by right"


Euthanasia is Haram. What does this mean?

It is forbidden.


What do muslims believe in that could be used to argue why euthanasia is wrong?

Predestination (Al-Qadr)


What do Catholics believe about death and the afterlife?

They believe in purgatory, where souls undergo purification in order to achieve holiness necessary for heaven.


What are the different beliefs about when judgement takes place in Christianity?

Some believe in immediate judgement, other believe they will wait till the day of judgement and the return of Jesus.


What evidence is there in christianity for the afterlife?

The Resurrection of Jesus.


How do christians describe heaven?

Indescribably wonderful and where god resides.


How do Christians describe hell?

designed for satan and his demons


Give a christian quote about hell

'the smoke of their torment will rise forever and ever. There will be no rest, day or night'


After death what do Muslims enter?

barzakh (state of waiting) They believe the should does not die but their is a new physical existence.


In Islam, what is the afterlife called?



What do Muslims have to cross to enter heaven?

The sirat bridge. If they do not cross they will fall into hell.