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What do christians say about Human Rights?

Christianity really takes an emphasis on human rights. The prophet Amos told the people of Israel that god was not pleased with the way they were treating the poor


What do Muslims say about Human Rights?

Not all muslims agree with the UDHR, for example in Saudi Arabia argued that the shari'ah law already gave human rights to their people.
Some Muslims think their needs to be change regarding the rights of homosexuals.


What example is there in the bible of social justice?

In the bible there is the story of the good Samaritan and of the sheep and the goats.
James said that Christinas have a responsibility and duty to promote social justice. "faith without deeds is useless"


What do Muslims say about social justice?

They believe it is their duty to promote social justice, and giving to the poor is central to this.
"God commands justice"


What does Christianity say about religious freedom?

Christianity teaches harmony and tolerance so people must have religious freedom.
"Love thy neighbour"


What does Islam say about religious freedom?

They say it is an individuals choice whether or not to adopt Islam.


Give a quote from the Quran about religious freedom

"Let those who wish to believe in it do so and they who wish to reject it do so"


Give examples of where there is no religious freedom.

Pakistan has blasphemy laws which makes it illegal for anyone to speak out against Muhammad and Jesus.
In Saudi Arabia there is little religious freedom and Non- Muslims are often discriminated against.
Giving up islam is a sin in some countries.


Who spoke about religious tolerance in islam?

Muhammad during the last sermon


What does Christianity say about prejudice and discrimination?

They oppose discrimination as it goes against agape (christian love). Jesus healed the sick and disabled so christians must follow in his image.

Everyone is made in gods image so discriminating against someone could be said to be going against God.

Despite christianity being against all forms of racism, the dutch reformed church did support apartheid in south Africa.


What did Muhammed say the relates to discrimination?

"An Arab is not better than a non-Arab and a non-Arab is not better than an Arab" "muslims form one brotherhood"


Give an example to show how Muslims show equality

On Hajj they all wear white.


In Islam wat do they say is the woman job?

To stay at home and prepare the Halal food, teach the children the basics of Islam and look after the home and recite the Quran.
Women are allowed to become Imams.


What does Christianity say about wealth?

Jesus told a wealthy man to sell all he had and give it to the poor and then he would have treasure in heaven.
"The Lord will grant you abundant prosperity"
People used to thank god by giving a tithe to the church.


What does Islam say about Wealth?

Muslims believe they have the duty to give to the poor.
'Beware of greed for it is ready poverty'
The third pillar of islam is Zakah
Shia muslims have khums