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What can religious films be used to promote?

Used as a medium to promote anti-stereotyped images


What do religious films raise?

Questions and awareness on specific religious influences


What do religious films accurately reflect?

Religious people's experiences


What aren't religious films?

Racist or prejudice


What do religious films challenge?

Traditional preconceptions of religious faiths, taking them away from the stereotypes


What do they promote?

Theological discussion about faith i.e. the meaning and purpose of faith


What do religious films educate the wider community on?

Religious beliefs and practices


What do filmmakers often choose to challenge?

Particular religious stereotypes in order to make a point and show the truer side of faith that people usually mistake or take too literally


Who makes certain films meaning they are accurate reflections of faith?

People from faith communities such as Gurindha Chadha who made Bend it Like Beckham


What sometimes happens but are still accurate reflections of religious films?

Only certain sections of beliefs are chosen within the specific time limit they have


What can be taken in good humour?

Jokes and stereotypes can be taken in good humour and understood by the whole audience as the film was made by a religious leader and therefore you feel comfortable to laugh