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This nephron has short loops of henle, no thin ascending limb of Henle, and its efferent arterioles give rise to peritubular capillaries

Superficial cortical nephron


This nephron has long loops of henle, a thin ascending limb of henle and the efferent arteriole gives rise to the peritubularl capillaries AND descending vasa recta

Juxtamedullary nephron


What type of cells are present in the collecting duct?

Principal and Intercalated Cells


What is the average body's renal blood flow?

your kidneys are getting 1.25 LITERS of blood EVERY MINUTE. Wow!!!! (he seems very excited about this)

25% of CO.
Average CO is 5.L/min


How do you find out how much blood flow is in the renal veins?

Renal artery flow - urine flow = vein flow


What is normal urine flow?



How do you calculate renal plasma flow?

renal blood flow x %plasma.

(blood is plasma and hematocrit. So if we know a patient has a Hct of 45%, we know 55% must be take 55% and multiply by blood flow which is 1.25L/min)