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Why do some people resist?

Independence - doing your own thing, lack of consistency in either conforming to or against social expectations

Anti - conformity - doing the opposite of the norm, adopting a minority group


Explanations for resistance

Social support (presence of allies)
Locus of control


Social support milgram variables

Presence of 2 teachers - dropped obedience to only 10%
By having someone who raises an alternative view gives the person more confidence to stand up


Allen and Levine aims

Looked at whether social support was affective even if it was not valid


Allen and Levine findings

Both conditions reduced amount of conformity
Valid social support, however, had much more of an impact - shows that an ally is helpful in resisting conformity. This is more so if they are perceived as offering valid social support


Allen and Levine (2) aim

The distance of the person providing social support - whether it had any affect at all


Allen and Levine (2) procedure

Group 1 - confederate answered first giving the right answer

Group 2 - confederate answered fourth, after the wrong confederates


Allen and Levine (2) findings

Significantly mor effective in position 1 than in position 4

Suggest participants own judgment , produces an initial commitment to correct resonate


Locus of control

Refers to a persons perception of personal control over their own behaviour


High in internality

Rely less on the opinions of others
Their behaviour is a result of their own hard work and dedication
Better able to resist social influence


High in externality

Believes on what happens to they is determined by external factors
Less personal responsibility for their actions
Less likely to be independent
More likely to conform


Who identified locus of control?

Rotter - it’s a Spectrum


Allen and Levine procedure

Group 1 - confederates providing support wore thick sunglasses - provided invalid social support

Group 2 - confederates had normal vision - valid social support