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Who is ultimately responsible for ALL preflight items being complete?

SOPM 4-2.2



May a PIC delegate preflight duties?

SOPM 4-2.2


However, PIC may not divide the responsibilities of ANY of the principle functions

PIC is always responsible for completion of ALL flight duties


What items must be verified onboard and accessible for an "AIRWORTHINESS" check to be complete?

SOPM 4-2.6

1. Airworthiness certificate
2. Registration
3. Radio license (fleet)
4. Operating handbook (AFM) Aircraft Flight Manual
5. Weight & balance - (Manual Manifest & Charts)

Flight Deck:
6. QRH
7. Jepps (current airside kit)
8. Spare bulbs kit
9. FMS users Handbook

10. Aircraft MX Can
a. M-74
b. (DMI) Deferred Maintenance Item - Log & Placards
c. Security Log
d. (AFL) aircraft flight log
e. (AML) Aircraft mx log


What Airworthiness Items MUST be assessed in order to "ACCEPT" an aircraft?

SOPM 4-2.5

The captain and FO verify airworthiness of AC outlined below and in accordance w/Flight Operations Manual (FOM) SP3100 Chapter 5 Airworthiness.


1. Ensure - MX Can: onboard.
2. Ensure - MX Can: AML & AFL match flight release and tail number
3. Ensure - Airworthiness Release signature on white AFL (M-127).

4. Review - previous AMLs (M-125) for open/incomplete blocks:
- Discrepancy
- Corrective Action
- Item Closed By sections. (MUST have SIGNATURE and BADGE ID #)

5. Review- DML Iog (M-2a) and Cross-check flight release.
- If a discrepancy is found:
a. Contact Dispatch or Maintenance Control
b. amend Flight Release as necessary.

6. Review - MEL procedures and limitations
- ensure ALL applied on the Flight release.

7. Print and Sign - names on AFL as appropriate.
8. Ensure BOTH PIC and SIC signatures are on AFL.


What MUST BE done if MX is performed, mechanical irregularity develops or airworthiness changes?

SOPM 4-2.5

1. Review & Repeat - Airworthiness Status "ACCEPTANCE" Check
2. Ensure - Aircraft is PROPERLY "Returned To Service"
3. Ensure - proper DISPATCH
a. complied with ALL MX procedures
b. amended release


What is the MEL procedure?

SOPM 4-2.5

1. Review Deferred Items - identify and comply w/Operational limitations.

2. Follow MXC (MaintenanceController) directions:
– Performing deferral: follow the associated MX procedure,
– Document actions: write on the AML and DMI
– Performing Recurring MX procedures: document action on AML.
Example: tire pressure check, adding oil...

3. Ensure - Release is amended and "RTS" recieved

4. Ensure- MEL limitations are applied, complied and documented
- Example: ALL placards are visible and Inop equipment NOT used, but compensated for.


What preflight activities is the PIC responsible for?

SOPM 4-2.2

Preflight activities include the following:

C•rew member briefings (ICE briefing)
E•xternal inspection
S•ecurity inspection
A•irworthiness acceptance

F•light attendant responsibilities
- (FA reports all cabin safety items & cabin equipment discrepancies directly to PIC).

F•light deck crew responsibilities:
- (obtainWX, clearances, coordinate w/ground personnel/pushcrew)

R•eview dispatch release for accuracy including:

A–ircraft "N"number
A–pplicable NOTAMS
M–aintenance items including: deferrals, CDL/NEF/MELs
W– eather - reported & forecast WX conditions & alternate requirements


Who does the PIC report to?

SP 3100 2-9

-Chief Pilot


What is the basic function for the PIC? (3 key items)

1. RESPONSIBLE for the safe and efficient operation of the aircraft

2. DIRECTS the activities of crew members to achieve maximum safety and operational effectiveness

3. FINAL AUTHORITY over all crew members during aircraft movement and flight related decisions, before and after flight


PIC and Dispatch are jointly responsible for what?

1. preflight planning,
2. delay
3. dispatch release of a flight
4. compliance with the FARs, this manual, and the Ops Specs


PIC is responsible for safety of what? (4)

1. Aircraft
2. Passengers
3. Crewmembers
4. Cargo


Who and what is the PIC responsible for briefing?

1. Crew: - SIC and Flight attendants

2. Procedures:
A. Normal - ICE , All-flights
B. Emergency - (Assess and wait for my command)


What does the PIC do becoming aware a crew member is, or will be, out of compliance with FAR flight, duty or rest regs?

1. Reports potential violation to management/Crew support

2. Flight MUST be operated within regs.


What is the PIC responsible regarding equipment and maintenance?

1. Recording ALL discrepancies and irregularities.
2. Contacting MX control
3. MELs and maintenance procedures are complied with.
4. Safe and Standard operation of all equipment.
5. Ensures all equipment is functional and operating normally.


Flight attendant advises PIC of a disruptive and noncompliant passenger while boarding. What may the PIC elect to do?

SP3100 2-10

PIC has final authority to remove passengers from flight.


You suspect an intoxicated crewmember. What behaviors should you look for? What do you do?

1. Observe or receive credible report of erratic behavior.
2. Slurred speech
3. Intoxicant odor
4. Glassy eyes / vacant expression
5. Incoherent / non-attentive

How to deal:
A. Prior to boarding:
- address situation early -investigate /challenge
- keep crewmember away from airport and aircraft. (call-out: emergency/sick) (get a cup of coffee)

B. Boarded, not pushed
- leave aircraft and advise crewmember to follow:
- "come check this out with me.."
- "Can you go get us coffee.."
- give crewmember opportunity to do right thing:
- " Don't put me in this position.. "
- " I want you to have succes &"
- " you are not looking well, you need to callout"
- Use CUS words "uncomfortable, not safe"
- DO NOT let any flight operation begin
- Call the MOD , GSC if necessary

C. Pushed
- return to gate
- Call the MOD , GSC if necessary

D. In-flight
- Proceed cautiously
- discretely message ops if possible
- Call the MOD , GSC if necessary


What is the basic function of the PIC? What does that look like?

- Safe and efficient operation of the aircraft

- Directing / briefing crew members
- Final authority
- Notifying company / authorities
- ensuring all safety and required equipment is onboard and operational


What is required of you the Captain if you exercise your emergency deviation authority?

1. Verbally notify flight operations MOD
2. File IOR written report
3. VP of Flight Ops submits a report to FAA wishing 10 days