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The reproductive effects of video display terminals have been attributed to ionizing radiation and:

Low frequency pulsed magnetic fields


At higher frequencies (95 GHz) the tissues most strongly impacted is

The skin. At 95GHz the majority of the energy is absorbed in the surface of the skin


OSHA standard for far field exposure to microwave radiation averaged over any 0.1 hour period

10 mW/cm^2


Radio-frequency exposure limits are based on

heating beyond the ability of the body to cool.


Tissues most likely impacted by 30-300 MHz radio frequencies

Eyes and Testes. Not easily cooled.


Resonant frequency for reference man

70 MHz. Exhibits a wavelength on the order of magnitude of the effective diameter of reference man.


Radio-frequency radiation can induce currents in the human body at low frequencies and can be a hazard above exposure limits. These typically manifest as

Heating of the ankles


The TLV for exposure to radiation from a microwave oven is:

10 mW/cm^2


To limit possible exposure to radiation from television receivers, the NCRP recommends that children sit no closer than:

6 feet. The FDA limits the exposure rate at the surface of television sets today at 0.1 mR/hr


The FDA standard for microwave oven leakage at 5cm or more from the external surface of the oven, prior to sale is:

1 mW/cm^2. The limit goes to 10 mW/cm^2 once in operation (TLV for microwaves)