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What is RICS CPD?

A commitment by members to continually update their skills and knowledge in order to remain professionally competent and achieve their true potential


What are the RICS CPD requirements of Student Members?

Must record minimum 48 hours / year, with at least 50% being formal CPD


What are the RICS CPD requirements of Qualified Members?

Must undertake minimum 20 hours / year (i.e. completed by 31 December and recorded online by 31 January), with at least 50% being formal CPD.


What are some examples of formal CPD?

Professional courses, structured training / learning, in-house training, online training course, etc. with clear objectives and outcomes.


What are some examples of informal CPD?

Self-managed learning relating to your pathway / professional role, private study, on the job training, informal seminar, event where focus is knowledge


What must members do every THREE years relating to professional ethics?

Members must undertake CPD relating to professional ethics, e.g. the RICS online ethics walkthrough.

Remember, these are different to the requirements for
APC candidates.