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What are the steps involved in Risk planning and collaboration?

- Identify risk factors
- Document risk factors
- Talk to others (MDT)
- Develop plan (MDT)
- Communicate plan with all
- Take action and follow through on agreed plan
- Evaluate the outcomes
- Review and update according to assessment and context of current situation


What does the acronym NGASR mean?

Nurses Global Assessment Suicide Risk


How does the NGASR work?

A table of questions with a points system. The higher the total score the greater the risk


What is de-escalation?

Range of verbal and non-verbal nursing skills to neutralise potential violence/suicide


Give some examples of protective factors?

- Optimistic attitude of individual
- Good current mental health
- Responsibility for children or meaningful role
- Strong supports interpreted by client
- Supportive Whanau/caregivers/primary others