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What are the main causes of accidents?

Physical state of the driver
Physical state of the car
Dangerous maneuvers


What is reaction time?

The initial detection of the situation to the moment that the vehicle has been appropriately controlled


What is the reaction distance?

The identification of the event to the full distance the car has moved until the appropriate action has been started/completed


What is the braking distance?

The distance between the decision to stop (or starting to apply the brakes) and actually stopping


What is the stopping distance?

The total distance you travel before you hit the brakes plus the distance you travel after you hit the brakes and the car stops


What is safety distance?

A sufficient distance behind a vehicle traveling in front of you

Safety distances vary depending on speed, conditions of the road and type of vehicle


What should the safety distance be?

By general rule a car should be at least 2 seconds behind the car in front

For every three meters of trailer another 1 second should be added