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When you have an I-centered view of authority, how do you view God?

Ruling God


When you have a God-centered view of authority, how do you view God?

Loving God


When you view God in an I-centered manner, you view God and the authorities over in which two manners?

- they will be able to get me what I want
- they will prevent me from getting what I want


When you view God and authority in a God-centered manner, you view God and the authorities your under in what manner?

Opportunity to understand his purpose in any situation


Choosing to view God and authority in an I-centered manner is an act of



Choosing to view God and authority in a God-centered manner is an act of



Why is choosing to act in an I-centered manner described in Romans 13 as living in darkness?

Because we are unable to see or understand the world from our own self centered viewpoint


Why is choosing to act in a God-centered manner described in Romans 13 as putting on the armor of light?

Because you have become aware of the grand designs and plans that God has for you beyond your selfish desires.


According to Romans 13, what is the “continuing debt” that we owe one another?

To love


What is the three-step process that we all go through upon trusting God’s teaching that He has blessed us all with irrevocable gifts?

a. To identify the gift
b. To sharpen the gift
c. To apply the gift for the needs of our age


When we choose to follow God and authority in a God-centered manner, how do we critique the people and problems we encounter?

With empathy


Why is our ability to see a problem unique?

Because it is an opportunity to apply our talents to the needs of the age


What action are we performing when we contribute to being a solution to the needs of our age?



When we choose to follow God and authority in an I-centered manner, what are the two circumstances that makes our negative criticism sound valid?

a. There’s an obvious problem
b. Our solution can’t be tested


Why are orgies, drunkenness, sexual immorality, debauchery, dissension, and jealousy examples of choosing the “deeds of darkness” over the armor of light?

These are deeds we try to keep hidden.


Why does Paul state in Romans 13:11 that “now is the time to wake up from your slumber”?

Once you accept truth, there is no reason to remain in darkness.


In James, Chapter 4 the teaching on “Boasting About Tomorrow” states that an individual with an I-centered view will make what type of statement going into each day?

I will do this or that today……


In James, Chapter 4 the teaching on “Boasting About Tomorrow” states that an individual with an God-centered view will make what type of statement going into each day?

If it is God’s will I will do this or that today…….


What are the five (5) laws outlined in James 4 that provides us an outline on how to live in a God-centered manner.

a. Don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today
b. Don’t allow too much planning to make you miss out on the call of the present
c. Don’t worry (God has all in control)
d. Humble yourself (avoid self-importance and the comparison trap – which leads to arrogance/depression)
e. Life is but a mist (since life is short, have priorities that reflect your awareness of this


Why is the conclusion in Romans 13:11 that “our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed” an absolute truth?

Because each day, is one day closer to the time we die and go the Heaven.


What system did the Jewish Leaders have in place to manipulate the people? .

A religion that stated it was for the people, but really it was a set of rules designed to control the people


Why were Jesus’ actions a threat to the Jewish system?

He didn’t require adherence to their rules in order to be receive the love of God.


What decision did the Jewish Leaders and chief priests make in order to deal with the amount of people following Jesus?

Decided to kill Jesus


What additional decision did the Jewish Leaders and chief priests make that further showed the depths they would go to in order to have the people stop following Jesus?

Decided to kill Lazarus


How did Judas try to manipulate the situation regarding the oil?

To make it look like he was concerned about “giving” to the poor, when he actually wanted to keep $ for his own greed.


pon Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem, why were the people spreading their cloaks and freshly cut branches on the road?

It was a testimony that the people believed that Jesus was the Messiah


Upon entering Jerusalem, how did the request by the Greeks show a genuine response to Jesus’ authority?

The want to know more about the teachings of Christ, which shows they value His authority to teach.


When Jesus overturned the tables and cleared the Temple of the money-changers, buyers and sellers, why didn’t the money-changers, buyers, and sellers challenge Him or try to stop Him?

True authority doesn’t need to declare itself. The buyers and sellers knew they were wrong


hat are the three (3) lessons learned from the buyers and sellers response to Jesus?

a. Jesus doesn’t follow the authority established by humans
b. Jesus “smashes” the systems created by humans
c. Jesus opens our eyes to the Truth that we are to follow His system, not humans


How did the blind and lame show support of Jesus’ authority?

By coming to Him and being healed


What word is defined as “being able to understand a situation from another person’s perspective”?



After Jesus cleared the Temple, why were the chief priests indignant over the children shouting in the Temple area “Hosanna to the Son of David”?

Because even little children were declaring Jesus’ authority over theirs – the children are the future.


When the Jewish Leaders challenged Jesus in Matthew 21 by asking “by what authority” and “by who’s authority” are you doing these things, what was the motivation of the Jewish Leaders?

Self-centered (to maintain their power)


What was the question Jesus posed to them?

John’s Baptism, was it from Heaven or by men?


What are the two problems Jewish had if they answered the question?

a. If they said from Heaven, then they would have to accept John’s testimony of Jesus as the Messiah
b. If they said from men, they would have a revolt by the people who accepted John as a prophet


What is the lesson taught by Jesus’ refusal to answer the Jewish Leaders question on authority?

Reinforces the Truth that we are to follow God, not the manipulative system of humans.


Why does Paul advise in Romans 14 not to pass judgment on one another in disputable matters? 

When we judge, we condemn ourselves. Ultimately, little things (what we eat, which day is more holy, when and how we pray) don't matter in sight of our goal- to evangelize and bring others to Christ by loving and serving them. If we spend our time debating these things, we act like the Jewish leaders.


Why does Paul add to that advice by stating “therefore let us stop passing judgment on one another. Instead, make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in your brother’s way”?

Teach people the love of God, rather than telling them about things they shouldn't do. We don't need to stop doing anything to gain the love of God, so don't tell someone they won't receive your or God's love until they stop their behavior.


Why does Paul repeat the warning against passing judgment?

When you pass judgement on someone, there's an underlying assumption that you think you're better than them.


When Paul states that “the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking” what does he mean?

The reason you love others isn't because of what you get back, it's about what you're called to do (ultimately any reward you get from it is temporary).


Paul concludes by stating that the kingdom of God is of ________________, _____________, and _____ in the Holy Spirit.

Rightousness peace and joy 


When we have a mindset of bringing people to an understanding of the kingdom of God, we are called to make every effort to do what leads to what two things?

Peace and mutual edification (your goal is for you both to be successful, not for you to win)


Paul states in Romans 14:23 that “the man who has doubts is condemned if he eats, because his eating is not from faith”
7. What is he doubting?  
8. What is he eating?

- doubting faith in loving God and others
- eating the self centered philosophy of the world 


What action does Romans 15 describe as making us weak?

Pleasing ourselves 


. What action does Romans 15 describe as making us strong?

Serve others


Romans 15, what two actions are the strong in faith called to do in regards to those who are weak?

- bear with their failings
- not please ourselves


What two ways do we please ourselves when not bearing with the failings of the weak?

- thinking you're better than others
- preying on their weakness


When we don’t listen to that advice in regards to our own weakness, what emotional state are we in danger of falling into?

manic depression


Romans 15:4 it states “For everything that was written in the past was written to” do what?

Teach us


Romans 15 teaches that the purpose of the church is what?

Having a spirit of unity


What two manners are we to accomplish the goal of the purpose of the church?

Endurance and encouragement


Romans 15:7 we are advised to “accept one another, just as Christ accepted you” – how did Christ accept us?

As the selfish sinners we are


Romans 15:13 is Paul’s prayer for the God of hope to bring us all _____________ and ___________.

Joy and peace


What is the “priestly duty” that is described in Romans !5:16?

Proclaim the gospel of God


Romans 15:18 Paul testifies that he will not venture to speak of anything except what?

What Christ has accomplished through him- Testimony and talents


Romans 16 Paul urges us to watch out for people who promote acting contrary to the teaching you have learned – what two manners do people promote this?

- cause divisions
- put obstacles in people's way


What two methods do people use when deceiving the minds of the naïve?

Smooth talk and flattery


What is the purpose of Romans 14:7-8?

the purpose is to say that we all belong to each other and have unity in Christ, our gifts are for the betterment of others