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How does Juliet feel about marrying Paris now?

She would rather kill herself


What type of dinner has the wedding feast become?

A funeral dinner


Who is Friar planning to write a letter to?



Who said the following - when and explain the meaning:
"Thy face is mine and thou hast slander'd it."

After he sees Juliet crying
Paris claims ownership of Juliet and says that she is ruining her beautiful face by crying.


Describe the Friar's plan to get Juliet out of marrying Paris.

1. Give Juliet a vial of a potion
2. She will drink the potion and it will LOOK like she is dead
3. Paris will find her and the wedding will be called off
4. Friar will keep her body and will write to Romeo and tell him of the plan
5. Romeo will come and get Juliet - she will come out of the coma and they will go to Mantua together


How does Paris treat Juliet - what doesn't he do?

Paris acts like he owns Juliet - he did not date or court her - and went right to asking father for her hand in marriage.


What time will Paris come to the Capulet home for the wedding?

At dawn


What objections does Friar have to the wedding when talking to Paris?

It is too soon
Paris also has not asked Juliet what she wants


What does Friar give to Juliet?

a vial of potion


What change does Capulet make to the wedding day of Juliet and Paris?

He moves up the date to Wednesday


What does Paris want Friar Lawrence to do for him?

Perform the wedding ceremony


Who is the first to find Juliet "dead"?

The nurse


What does Juliet fear about taking the potion. (There are three)

1. It might actually kill her
2. She will wake up too soon and will have to sit in the tomb with all the dead people and she will go nuts.
3. It might not work and she will have to marry Paris


Who said the following - when and explain the meaning:
"Peace, ho for shame! Confusion's cure lives not in these confusions. Heaven and yourself had part in this fair maid; now heaven hath all, and all the better is it for the maid."

Friar Lawrence
He is telling the Capulets to stop mourning over Juliet
He says that crying will not do any good - and that they should be happy that Juliet is in heaven and will have eternal life.


Who said the following - when and explain the meaning:
"Or, if I live, is it not very like, the horrible conceit of death and night, together with the terror of the place."

Before she drank the vial of potion
She is afraid that she will wake up early f - and she will have to sit with all the dead bodies and she will go nuts.


What really happens to Juliet when she takes the vial of potion she was given by Friar?

She is actually in a coma


Who objects to the wedding changes?

Lady Capulet