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Who was supposed to deliverer the letter to Romeo - but he was not able to?

Friar John


What news does Balthasar bring to Romeo?

That Juliet is dead


What is the purpose of Romeo's dream?

To foreshadow future events


Who does Romeo say he is going to go see right away after she finds out that Juliet is dead?

An apothecary


What is an apothecary?

Someone who makes potions


What does "unhappy fortune" mean?

It is bad luck


How does romeo kill himself?

He takes the poison


What does Friar Lawrence send Friar John to get?

a crow bar


Who does Romeo fight and kill in Act 5 scene 3?



When Juliet wakes up what does she decide to do?

kill herself


Who said the following, when was it said and explain:
"Well, Juliet, I will lie with thee to-night, let's see for means: O mischief, thou art swift to enter in the thoughts of desperate men! I do remember an apothecary"

After he learns that Juliet is dead
He is going to go see an apothecary to get some poison so that he can kill himself


Who said the following, when was it said and explain:
"If thou be merciful, open the tomb, lay me with Juliet."

These were Paris' last words before he died
Paris asks Romeo to lay him next to Juliet in the tomb


Who said the following, when was it said and explain:
"I will kiss thy lips; haply some poison yet doth hang them, to make me die with a restorative."

When she found out that Romeo was dead
She wants to kill herself by kissing him - she hopes that there is enough poison on his lips to do it


How does Romeo treat Paris when he asks Romeo to lay his body next to Juliet's?

He says yeas - he is not jealous - and understands that he wants to be by Juliet


What two characters could have saved Romeo and Juliet's lives and how?

Friar John - - he was not able to deliver the letter because he was quarantined

Friar Lawrence - - He arrived too late at the cemetery to tell Romeo that Juliet was just in a coma


Describe what happens between Romeo and Juliet this Act - beginning when Juliet is lying in the tomb.

Juliet is in a coma
Romeo discovers her in the tomb and takes the poison and dies
Juliet wakes up and see Romeo dead
Juliet kills herself with a knife


What is the good and bad that resolves the conflict of the play?

BAD - - many people die including Romeo and Juliet
GOOD - - this ends the fight between the two families