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"Speak softly and carry a ___ ___" was an old adage quoted by Theodore Roosevelt in relation to his foreign policy.

big stick


The great engineering feat begun during his administration was the construction of the ___.

Panama Canal


The term applied by Roosevelt to those engaged in uncovering corruption in American society was ___. The greatest one was ___.

muckrakers; Lincoln Steffens


the founder of Hull House

Jane Addams


founder of the Tuskegee Institute

Booker T. Washington


What did the 17th Amendment put into law?

Popular election of senators


What did the 18th Amendment put into law?



What did the 19th Amendment put into law?

Womens' right to vote


Theodore Roosevelt's most important achievements came in the area of ___.



Theodore Roosevelt was the ___ man to ever be President, while Taft was the ___ President.

youngest; heaviest


Roosevelt and the Progressives differed with Taft and Conservative Republicans over the issue of the ___ ___.

protective tariff


Democrat Woodrow Wilson had been President of ___ University and Governor of ___ before he became U.S. President. He was able to defeat the Republicans in the election of 1912 because ___.

Princeton; New Jersey; Roosevelt and Taft split the opposition vote.


the Mexican revolutionary and bandit who caused much trouble for the United States

Pancho Villa


The years of World War I are ___ to ___.



The eventual entry into the war by the U.S. was a result of the receipt of the ___ note encouraging Mexico to invade U.S. if we entered the war and of the continued sinking of unarmed ships by German ___. One such ship was the ___ in 1915.

Zimmerman; U-Boats; Lusitania


The main European monarchs at the time of the war were ___ of England, ___ of Russia, and ___ of Germany.

George V; Nicholas II; Wilhelm II


The war expenses of the U.S. were financed by taxation, but mainly by the sale of ___ ___.

war bonds


The leader of the U.S. Expeditionary Forces in Europe

John J. Pershing


nickname of American soldiers



The Americans were instrumental in saving Paris by helping defeat the Germans in the Second Battle of the ___. Next, they helped break the Hindenburg line with a victory in the ___ battle.

Marne; Meuse-Argonne


The Treaty of ___ ended the war, but it was not ratified by the U.S. because of Republican efforts in the Senate refusing to approve our entry into the ___.

Versailles; League of Nations


Four weapons of war used extensively for the first time in World War I

machine gun, tanks, poison gas, airplanes


Following World War I, the arts were impacted by a movement known as ___. This was largely the result of the writings and work of ___, ___, and ___>

Naturalism; Charles Darwin, Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud


Name four of the greatest novelist of this period.

F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Eugene O'Neil, William Faulkner


Name some of the novels of and the general subjects of the writings of F. Scott Fitzgerald

the pointlessness and unfulfilling nature of modern desires; This Side of Paradise, The Great Gatsby


Name some of the novels of and the general subjects of the writings of Ernest Hemingway

how to cope honorably with senseless violence; The Sun Also Rises, A Farewell to Arms


Name some of the novels of and the general subjects of the writings of Eugene O'Neill

many themes, but hopelessness and desperation is common; Long Day's Journey into Night


Name some of the novels of and the general subjects of the writings of William Faulkner

changing values of the South, the conflict of freedom, necessity, and liberation from the burden of history; The Sound and the Fury


___ was elected President in 1920 on a platform that urged "a return to ___." His administration is considered one of the nation's most scandalous because ___.

Warren Harding; normalcy; there was a corrupt alliance between two of his cabinet members and two businesses


The 30th President was Calvin Coolidge, whose nickname was ___.

Silent Cal