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1 List the 5 major section of the GCA (921-925) and explain what general topics or area and major provisions are covered in each section.

-1 Definitions = 921
2 GCA crime both licenses and nonlicensees = 922
3 GCA FED FA Licensing Provisions, qualifications to become a license, app procedure to be followed in denying and revoking licenses, agents and industry operations inv., rights of entry into FED FA licensee premises and responsibilities of FED FA licensees in conduct of their businesses = 923
4 Penalties provisions for 922 crimes, GCA crimes not contained in 922, 924c, and 924 a 1 A, Armed career criminals 18 USC 924e, Forfeiture provisions 18 USC 924d, Mens REA, further definitions= 924
5 Exceptions: to the Gun control act and Relief from disabilities = 925


Prohibited persons are in section



Penalties for section 922, more crimes, more definitions, forfeitures, and Means REA



3 ID the major provisions of sections 926-931


-Will cover important areas of consideration for both agents and industry operators investigators
-armor percing

* Ammunition -Not regulated under the Gun Control Act except
1 Armor piercing (section 929)
2 Most importantly, if prohibited under Section 922(g) or 922 (n) the prohibited includes ammunition


Section 925 in structure of theGun Control Act

-Exceptions to the GCA and relief from disabilities
-Exceptions for all Gov entities *with one exception to exception)
-Prohibited persons relief from disabilities


Section 929

Armor piercing Ammo (During violent/ Drug Crime)


Section 930

Possession of FA or dangerous weapons in federal facilities



Body Armor by violent felon



-Not regulated under the GCA except
-Use of armor piercing ammo (section 020) during a drug trafficking or crime of violence
-But, if prohibited under 922(g) or 922(n), this prohibition includes both FA and ammunition


who generally is excepted from complying with the GCA

Government employees

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