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The potential to lose something that you value, versus the possibility of gaining something you value.


Absolute risk

Uppermost limit of risk


Real risk

The amount of risk that actually exists at a given moment


Perceived risk

Individuals subjective assessment of the real risk present at any time.


Example of absolute, real, and perceived risk:

A novice on a moderately difficult climb may see undertaking the climb as being fairly high risk activity (perceived risk). Due to the amount of safety features in place on her climb including things like a harness, dynamic rope, belayer, back up belayer and it being at an indoor venue the risk is actually quite low (real risk). However, if the climber chooses not to use any safety equipment at all - this is absolute risk


How the media can portray outdoor environments

1. To celebrate nature & the outdoors - film, tv series

2. To sell a place or experience - advertising, marketing

3. To inform - newspapers, magazines, internet

4. To understand & develop our knowledge - wild life doco, education

6. To challenge - film, tv, music, challenge our outdoor activities.

7. To scare - fear through media, horror films