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Safety inspection of quarters is conducted semi-annually. Who is responsible for conducting this inspection in quarters?

A) engine company safety officer
B) ladder company safety officer
C) battalion chief
D) division chief
E) safety inspection team

A) engine company safety officer shall conduct the inspections in quarters housing more than one unit.

Safety bulletin 62


The inspection checklist titled, "safety inspection of quarters" is to be used as a guide by the inspections officer. After it is completed, it shall be forwarded to the _________________ on the 1st of _______ and _______.

A) battalion safety coordinator, April, October
B) division safety coordinator, April, October
C) battalion safety coordinator, January, July
D) division safety coordinator, January, July


Safety bulletin 62


Once repair or replacement of PPE is warranted, who shall determine its serviceability?

The departments quartermaster

Safety bulletin 64 line #5.


Which level knee pads are no longer approved for use by the department?

A) level 1
B) level 2
C) level 3

A) level 1

Safety bulletin 64, addendum 1 (note. Middle of page)
- (see AUC 310 section 2.5)


During the safety equipment inspection period of April 15th to June 15th, inspections are to be conducted by _____________, and the inspection of LSR and training ropes are to be conducted by ______________.

A) battalion chief, battalion chief.
B) battalion chief, deputy chief
C) deputy chief, battalion chief
D) deputy chief, deputy chief

B. battalion chief - safety bulletin 65 sec. 2.2
Deputy chief - safety bulletin 65, note on the last page.


Clothing found to be defective shall be replaced or repaired within ____ days. Defective equipment shall be replaced ____.

A) 15, 30 days
B) 30, 30 days
D) 30, ASAP

D) 30 days, ASAP

Safety bulletin 65 sec. 2.6


The Long Island Lighting Co., has disseminated safety warnings to its field employees concerning The ANCHOR 3 PHASE METER PAN. Possible overheating conditions in some of the meters caused by deterioration of internal parts may cause electrical fire, electrical flash or spontaneous explosion. This meter is commonly found in private dwellings.

T or F.

F. This meter commonly found in commercial installations.

Safety bulletin 80 sec 1.1, 1.2


According to waterfront operations while wearing bunker gear, tests have shown that members wearing bunker gear with or without an SCBA, became totally submerged in under 30 seconds when falling into water.

T or F

F. Members became totally submerged in under 1 minute.

Safety bulletin 81 section 2.1


In the event you fall into water while wearing bunker gear, thrashing about will reduce the amount of buoyancy, thus reducing the time afloat.

T or F


Safety bulletin 81 section 3.2


According to operations at stairwell fires, if upon arrival at a stairwell door, there is a light smoke condition present, you should immediately :

A) notify officer in command and search for the source of smoke
B) close the door to the stairwell and notify officer in command


Safety bulletin 82


In low rise housing projects with only one stairwell and elevator, once it has been ascertained that the cause of the upper floor smoke condition is the stairwell, the search shall be conducted from the lower floors upward.

T or F


Safety bulletin 82 variation on page 2

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