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What are Schlumberger strengths and weaknesses?

What are Schlumberger strengths and weaknesses?

  • Strengths
    • Technology – top of the line compared to our competition
    • Present solutions to the client
    • KSQR – doing things right – WND KOPs
  • Weaknesses
    • pricing
    • Generally slow to the party
    • HHP
    • Sometimes our dedication of doing things right may lead to some downtime


How can you represent the value SLB brings to our customers in terms of value pricing?

  • May pay slightly more for the technology, but the company will save long term – less remediation, save on the cost of mud, etc, etc:Specific example – PressureNET
  • Discuss products in terms of value added solutions (we are not just selling products but solutions).


What are the benefits of bidding single services versus a multiple service OFS tender and vice versa?

  • Single – generally have higher prices, better CM, better IBT – but more intensive job design and man hours spent getting the work ,
  • Multiple – guaranteed work over time, not typically as good of pricing ( other segment can hurt us )


What does MME stand for and why is it important?

  • Monthly Market Evaluation
  • It is accessible through OFS Reporter ,It allows us to track what our competition is doing, what their strengths and weaknesses are, service quality issues and employees available.Broke down into 3 different parts:
    • MME1 – Competition report on resources and activity
    • MME2 – Information on client activity and SLB equipment available
    • MME3 – Concerns service quality and personnel available


What is the value of reporting competitors?

  • Allows us to see how they are working in the market, what their intentions are and where they are intending to go with their resources.
  • It allows us to effectively price our services.If clients leave, pricing can increase.Competition comes in, drives prciing down.
  • Comparison of Various Locations
  • Compare Performance
  • Indications of Strategic Price Changes


What is CSAM?

  • Competitor Services Assessment Matrix (or Module) (CSAM). CSAM consists of a repository of technical presentations, documentation, papers, and technical assessments of the competitor technologies. It includes competitor strength and weaknesses, features and benefits, and recommendations on how to differentiate our technologies.


What types of contracts are in the Your GM?

  • One-off single service contracts
  • Multi-service contracts
  • long duration (by number of wells , by time(yearly) , by revenue)
  • Contracts that include bonuses(mostly pricing agreaments)
  • Package contracts with Frac pumps/crews (dedicated crews)


Define and Explain CRM & OFS-Reporter? What value do they bring to Schlumberger?

  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management
    • Within SLB this refers to Siebel, which collects customer data, accounts, contracts, sales plans, leads and opportunities, market share and competitor data.Allows us to track what is happening with the clients.


  • OFS-Reporter
    • business intelligence program, connects CRM, Lawson, etc and outputs the data in report form and allows data anlysis
    • A system that is designed to collect data from multiple different sources and allows employees to generate meaningful reports.Contains many different domains today.Essentially, a one-stop shop


What is TAS? What value does it bring to Schlumberger?

  • Target Account Selling
  • Collects data, starting at a blank spreadsheet, that tracks what decisions and plans were used to effectively complete a sale.It is a tool that is constantly refined as business needs change, and a tool that helps to refine our process at completing successful sales.
  • Target Account Selling. Document by Sale Rep with profiles, analysis of customer and competitors, strategies, milestones, etc.Keeps focus and standardizes approach toward success


What are FTL,? What value do they bring to Schlumberger?

  • FTL – Field ticket light
    • Provides field data capture tool.Data is focused on billing and sales.


What are  ComCAT? What value do they bring to Schlumberger?

  • ComCAT – Commercial Catalog Administration Tool
    • It manages and stores commercial structures data describing Schlumberger products and services. It also used to store the list of products and services used to report NT5. Basically internal library where FTL pulls info from. Pricebooks, etc.


What are Invoicer? What value do they bring to Schlumberger?

  • Invoicer
    • Allows a more accurate deptiction of where we currently are at with invoicing and allows easier tracking of invoicing – lowers DSO , part of SAP


What are  Lawson? What value do they bring to Schlumberger?

  • Lawson
    • Worldwide internal application to support finance, supply chain and procurement.
    • Streamlined system that is intended to provide highlevel overview of business activities.
    • comparable to SAP in USL.


Can provide NLT 4 examples of NT5 for candidate's sub-segment used in area of operations

Can provide NLT 4 examples of NT5 for candidate's sub-segment used in area of operations

A286 Corrosion Inhibitor

BroadBand Precision

BroadBand Sequence


HiWAY horizontal

HiWAY shales

J618 Friction Reducer

L068 Clay Stabilizer

L071 Clay Stabilizer

M300 Microbiocide




W063 Demulsifier

YF100 Flex and Flex D


Can provide details of Mariner website and explain how process works (Input to R&D)

  • Allows a workflow of the new and creative ideas from the R&E teams to actual fruition.
  • Workflow as follows:
    • Idea is generated by creative people
    • Ideas are filtered for top creative solutions to move on
    • Ideas go to the Idea Management System where are reviewed from numerous segments
    • Ideas go through a final evaluation where they will either provide feedback to our creative minds or get moved on to implementation for marketing and sales


Understands and can explain the PLMP process (Product Life Cycle Management Process)

  • Product Lifecycle Management Process. The PLMP system is a legacy SLB process that has been replaced by CLM (Concurrent Lifecycle Management) system.
  • Concurrent Lifecycle Management (CLM). The efficient development, support, and growth of successful value streams, through the systematic and timely application of knowledge that affects the entire value stream, across the entire product lifecycle.
  • The objective of Concurrent Lifecycle Management is clear: to develop better and more reliable products, to get them to the market quicker, and to build them and support them more effectively once we’re there."





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Close Out

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Name Marketing & Sales trainings available for you in Schlumberger.

 Course :  ‎(8)

 Course : Bidding ‎(15)

 Course : Bidding Refresher Workshop ‎(3)

 Course : Encroachment Workshop ‎(43)

 Course : Integration Business Development ‎(1)

 Course : Listening and Questioning ‎(1)

 Course : Negotiation Refresher Workshop ‎(2)

 Course : Negotiations ‎(13)

 Course : Presentations ‎(8)

 Course : Sales ‎(12)







































































































































 Course : Sales for Experienced Professionals ‎(2)

 Course : Sales Management - Delivering Improved Results ‎(11)

 Course : Sales University ‎(1)

 Course : Sell Up Workshop ‎(29)

 Course : TechEDGE 2 ‎(1)

 Course : TechEDGE 3 ‎(7)

 Course : Understanding Customers ‎(1)