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What are the 3 most important benefits of Product X that should be referenced in sales conversations?

The most important 3 benefits of Product X are:

  1. It tastes better than all other burgers in taste tests.
  2. You will never gain weight when eating this burger.
  3. It is the least expensive burger on the market.


What are the three most important conclusions in the XYZ Clinical Trial regarding the potential side effects of Drug ABC?

P, Q, and R

Clinical Trial XYZ demonstrated that the potential side effects of Drug ABC were:

  1. P - very similar in scope and severity to those of other drugs for burger addicts already approved by the FDA;
  2. Q - less prevenlant as a lower % of overall subjects in the trial experienced side effects; and
  3. R - Whatever else our legal team says we can say about Clinical Trial XYZ for Drug ABC


What is the prognosis for patients diagnosed with a periprocedural stroke?

The majority will have an unfavorable nuerologic outcome.

A recent study (Burger Addict Study 101) found that the in-hospital mortality rate was 32%.