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where does Dimmesdale go

he goes to the scaffold


what does dimmesdale do at the scaffold

stands and waits there, waiting for people to show up and throw stuff at him


dimmesdale shrieks and wakes who

bellingham and mistress hibbins


who does dimmesdale see approaching him at the scaffold

john wilson


where is wilson coing from

the deatbed of governor Winthrop


how does wilson look

holy and saint like with the glow of the lamp like a halo surrounding him


what does dimmesdale do on the scaffold after imagining what people would do if they saw him there

he laughs


who laughs back at dimmesdale



why are pearl and hester here

they are on the way back from governor Winthrop's house because Hester has just measured the body so she can make a burial robe


dimmesdale and hester are both on the scaffold and become connected by ____

pearl, each holding one of her hands


what does dimmesdale reply to pearl's question of "will he stand with her and her mother tomorrow at noon"

No- but I will stand with you on judgment day


what happens after dimmesdale says that he will join them on judgment day

bright light on the horizon


what does pearl point to

An immense letter A marked out in red light


who appears after the letter A appears

roger chillingworth


during pearl and dimmesdale's squabble what does pearl say

you suck for not promising to stand here with me and my mom


at the end of chapter 12, what kind of sermon does dimmesdale give

a very good one


what does the sexton hand dimmesdale

a glove, dimmesdale's glove


what does the sexton say about the glove

says that the black man must have dropped it on the scaffold


what does the sexton say about the letter a in the sky last night

a portent of the death of governor Winthrop, surely now an Angel


what is hester shocked about dimmesdale

about how bad he looks


what does hester realize about the night on the scaffold

She realizes that he was appealing to her that night on the scaffolding to protect him from his enemy, from Roger Chillingworth.


what does hester decide to do

decides that she should help him, despite the fact that he has done literally nothing for her for the past seven years.


how old is pearl in chapter 13



how do the townspeople feel toward hester now

developed a grudging respect


how has hester been since the adultery

she's been pure inwardly and outwardly even since that little adultery thing.


what have people started saying about the scarlet letter now

"Hey, maybe the A stands for Able"; or, "Maybe the scarlet letter actually means that she's holy."


what does hester believe the truth to be about the scarlet letter

Hester knows the truth: the "A" has hardened her against ever feeling passion or affection again. Apparently passion and affection are crucial components of womanhood, because this means that she's no longer a woman.


what does hester think might be a solution to her problems

Sometimes, she even wonders if it's worth being alive. Maybe it would be better to send Pearl to Heaven immediately, and follow herself?


what does the narrator say about hester's suicide thought

the narrator says, the fact that she thought about it at all means that the scarlet letter hasn't done the work it was supposed to do.


when does hester get the chance to help dimmesdale

when she runs into Chillingworth in an isolated part of the peninsula while she's out walking with Pearl.


what are the names of chapter 12 and 13

The Minister's Vigil
Another View of Hester

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