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List Schliemanns treasure

A gold necklace
Two gold goblets
A gold vessel
A gold flask
Six gold bracelets
56 gold rings
Four gold pendant earrings
Six silver ingots
12 silver vessels
Bonze vessels, spearheads and daggers


What was the agreement with the turkish governmnt?

Half of finds would go to the turkish mueseum
Schliemann would pay for the dig
He would not demolish any buildings and would leave the site as he found it


Where did the treasure go immediately

A british consuls house nearby


Who owns the treasure!

Russia, Germany and Turkey all make claim to the treasure


When was the trogan war?

1334-1135 BCE


What was the treasures journey?

Troy, greece, britian, germany, russia


What happened in 1993

The treasure was found in a moscow mueseum


Why was Troy a good place for the greeks to own?

The peninsula that troy is own controls access from hellspont to the Mediterranean


What is the new discovery?

A 5.5 meter thick stone wall found by universities Cincinnata and Tubingen that could make the sight five times larher if the wall encompasses the whole plateau


Who wrote the illiad and the oddisusy? What was it and what was it about?

Homer, were a series of epic poems about the Trojan war that was fought over Helen, wife of the king of sparta.


Where is Troy