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How might a tornado occur, when the prediction was only for thunderstorms?

They both can occur in heavy cumulonimbus clouds.


Why would a hurricane become less severe or even stop after it moves on land?

Since the get their energy from warm, humid air at the ocean’s surface.


What is one signal scientists have found when looking for clues and warnings to help predict the return of El Niño?

Rising surface temperatures in the tropical part of the Pacific Ocean.


How do meteorologist begin weather forecasts?

By using instruments to find the current weather conditions.


What do meteorologists use to see current precipitation?

A Doppler Radar


How do ocean currents move around the world (relative to heat)?

They move from the equator and to the poles(this cycle continues.)


Why do ocean currents make a difference in weather?

Air masses take on the characteristics of the ocean below them.


How would a warm ocean current affect the air above it?

Warm ocean currents make the air warm and rainy.


What does “H” on a weather map mean, and what weather conditions would you expect for that area?

“H” means high pressure and it brings clear skies.


How does weather generally move across the Unites States?

It moves from West to East.


How would a forecasting error change in a weather prediction change several days later?

Forecasts build on one another, meaning one error tomorrow leads to a bigger error the next day.


If you see a storm moving toward you on a weather map, what information could help you predict when the storm would arrive?

Speed of Air Mass and its distance.


If you do not have an_____________to measure the wind speed, you could use the_________________to estimate it.

anemometer......Beaufort Wind Scale


How does geography influence weather in regards to oceans?

Moderate temperatures and more precipitation


How does geography influence weather in regards to hills and high altitude?

Colder temperatures and more precipitation


How does geography influence weather in regards to mountains?

Precipitation falls on one side and the other is in a rain shadow.


How does geography influence weather in regards to latitude?

Determines directness of sun’s rays, making it hotter at the equator.


What weather conditions would you expect when a cold front approaches a maritime tropical air mass?

Sudden intense precipitation


What happens during a flash flood?

Sudden storms unleash a torrential downpour and runoff moves with great force


How do hurricane winds create a storm surge?

The strong winds push water toward the coast and the water has no where to go but up.


Describe the effects of El Niño.

Winters are wetter in the US and dryer in Australia. More hurricanes in the Pacific Ocean and less hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean.


Which part of the US is most likely to be struck by a hurricane?

The Southeast


How does low air pressure contribute to a hurricane?

Warm air rises creating a low pressure center, carrying the water vapor that condensed into clouds and rain.


What are the most dangerous weather events in the USA?



What characteristics are necessary for a blizzard to form?

1. Cold surface temperatures
2. Lots of moisture in the atmosphere
3. Warm air rising over cold air


What danger is associated with hurricanes?

Storm Surges


How does the Pacific Ocean affect the western US during an El Niño event?

When warm water from the Pacific reaches the US