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In what ways did Scottish immigrants impact on India's trade links?

Many Scots would purchase products in India and sell them once they were back in europe. For example, jute and tea was sold to Europe helping these companies increase their size and influence.


How did trade links impact India?

Trade links that were created by Scots led to businesses becoming hugely powerful in India. For example, the East India Company and grew so powerful it ruled India.


How did Scots impact on India's army?

Scots found work serving as soliders in the Brittish army, stationed in India and were involved in many historical events. For example, they were involved in the 1857 Indian Mutiny.


How did Scots impact the economy in India?

Scots helped run The East India Company and when this was replaced by the British government, contimued to hold senior roles. For example the first three govener generals of India were all Scottish.


How did Scots impact religion in India?

Scottish missionaries set up churches across India in an attempt to convert the local peope, while also allowing local Scots to practice christianity. For example, one of these churches was the Sohra church.


How did Scots impact education in India?

Scots helped to set up schools across india mainly to teach immigrants, but later to teach Indian natives. For example, the Bombay Scottish School.


How did Scots keep up links with home?

Scots set up groups in India to keep up links with home and continued to practice traditions here. For example, Burns Clubs met to read poetry and celebrate burns night.


How did Scots integrate into Indian society?

One way Scots integrated into Indian society was marriage between Indians and Scots. For example, at the begginning of the 1800s, one third of Brittish men in India were married to an Indian woman.