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Toronto Police Service (Service) procedures governing the complaint process ensure that parties to a complaint are dealt with in a way that is both

fair and impartial


When was the Police Services Act (PSA) amended to include a new public complaint system for police services throughout the Province of Ontario?



means mediation, conciliation, negotiation or any other means of facilitating the resolution of issues in dispute by a third party off site meeting.

Alternative Dispute Resolution


means an agreement between all parties prior to a complaint being lodged with the OIPRD.

Local Resolution


means an independent oversight agency and is the appeal body for decisions made at police disciplinary proceedings

Ontario Civilian Police Commission (OCPC)


Who will determine who investigates a conduct complaint having considered the nature of the complaint and the public interest



will assume all the duties and powers of the Chief of Police in matters respecting an complaint incident under investigation.

The OIPRD Liaison Officer


Who has the Chief of Police authorized as the OIPRD Liaison Officer?

Inspector – Professional Standards (PRS) – Complaints Administrative


Informal Resolutions are facilitated by a __ and are to be documented on the prescribed OIPRD form.



Where a police officer is designated as a witness officer in a conduct complaint involving a criminal allegation, the witness officer shall supply a detailed statement concerning the incident, as required to the:

investigating supervisor


When receiving a complaint at a place other than a Service facility shall (among other things) immediately contact:

a supervisor


When a complaint is received at a Service facility shall immediately refer the complainant to

The officer in charge


As a supervisor, where the circumstances of a complaint suggest an immediate investigation is warranted shall, in addition to receiving the complaint shall notify:

the Officer in Charge, unit comander, or if absent, the Duty Inspector - Duty Desk


As a supervisor, if a local resolution cannot be immediately resolved, shall complete a TPS 649 with reasons and forward to the __ for further assignment to an investigating supervisor

unit commander


For internal conduct complaints, the unit commander shall forward the complete file, including the adjudication/disposition within 120 days to:

PRS – Complaints Administration


As a supervisor, when initiating an internal conduct complaint against a police officer shall complete a TPS 901 and immediately forward to the subject officer’s:

Unit Commander.


A disciplinary resolution shall not revert to a lower penalty provision when the above circumstances exist unless consent is granted from:

Staff Superintendent – Professional Standards


Suspended officers who have had their suspension revoked shall report to their:

unit commander


When job descriptions do not meet current needs or do not reflect new responsibilities, unit commanders shall ensure that revised draft job descriptions are forwarded for final review, assessment and approval by the

Unit Commander – Compensation & Benefits


What is the time frame for a Special Review?

90 days


Who receives and manages all public complaints concerning the conduct of a police officer of the Service, or the policies or the services provided by the Service



An external complaint must be delivered to any Service facility or the OIPRD personally or by:

an agent
by mail
electronic mail (email)


for the purposes of this Procedure, means where the conduct is deemed less serious and can be resolved through agreement from all parties after an OIPRD complaint has been lodged.

Informal Resolution


means when a local resolution process has commenced but is not completed, (i.e., complainant refuses to complete/sign a local resolution form).

Local Inquiry


means an independent civilian agency responsible for receiving, managing and overseeing all public complaints about the police in Ontario in accordance with the Police Services Act.

Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD)


What is an agreement between all parties after a complaint has been lodged with the OIPRD and involves conduct that is deemed less serious.

Informal Resolution


The PSA has been amended to include the following new offence provisions: harassment, coercion or intimidation in relation to a complaint - however, no prosecutions of these offences can be commenced without the consent of:

the Attorney General


When notified by a supervisor of being the respondent of, or witness to, an OIPRD conduct complaint involving a non-criminal allegation or a witness to a conduct complaint involving a criminal allegation shall provide a copy of memorandum book entries for the relevant tour of duty within:

ten (10) calendar days, or as otherwise directed


Upon consent of the OIPRD, The thirty (30) calendar day period for resolving a local resolution may be extended for an additional:

thirty (30) calendar days


As the investigating supervisor, when a informal resolution has been achieved shall complete the OIPRD Informal Resolution Agreement form and forward to:

the unit commander


As the investigating supervisor, when determining that an OIPRD conduct complaint cannot be resolved by an informal resolution shall complete a 45 day OIPRD Status Update form and forward electronically within ___ to the OIPRD Liaison Officer

thirty-five (35) calendar days


As an investigating Supervisor, when due to the size or complexity of an investigation, that the investigation will not be concluded within the __ time period mandated by the OIPRD, shall consult with the OIPRD Liaison Officer and complete an OIPRD Time Extension Request form

ninety (90) calendar day


for the purposes of this Procedure, means an allegation from internal sources concerning the conduct of a police officer, or the policies or the services provided by the Toronto Police Service.

Internal Complaint


Regarding the process for the intake and management of internal conduct complaints involving police officers, who will determine which unit will investigate an internal complaint.

Professional Standards (PRS) – Complaints Administration


Regarding internal complaints, unit commanders shall forward the completed file, including the adjudication/disposition, to PRS – Complaints Administration within:

120 days


where, within the past __ , a disciplinary matter has been concluded by a hearing conviction, a subsequent breach of any nature shall be dealt with by a hearing

three years


the following personnel the power of suspension granted to the Chief under the PSA are:

any Deputy Chief of Police
- all Uniform Senior Officers
- all officers permanently assigned to Professional Standards (PRS) – Investigative Unit
- the officer in charge of a unit


While under suspension shall report in person twice each and every weekday at 09:00 hours and at 16:00 hours, or as otherwise directed to:

their unit commander or designate


Upon confirmation of a suspension shall immediately surrender all Service issued uniform & equipment still in their possession to

their unit commander


Upon considering the suspension of a police officer in accordance with the PSA, and in the absence of the unit commander shall consult with:

the Duty Inspector – Duty Desk, or other uniform senior officer


means the manner in which members manage their time, workload, and work environment

Individual Work Practices


means the supervisory practices used to control the work environment and to assign tasks, and the methods used to communicate standards. Also includes the manner in which training needs are met and equipment issues are resolved.

Management Practices


means a failure to meet an established standard and may involve a single event, or the cumulative effect of a number of less serious events (as defined in Chapter 13 – Appendix A – Unit Level Criteria/Conduct Penalties).

Unsatisfactory Work Performance


Who shall establish work performance standards for any specialized function within each command that deviates from the prescribed duties for an equally ranked/ classified member?

Command officers


What statute establishes certain criteria that must be met before an internal complaint of unsatisfactory work performance may be brought against a police officer.

Ontario Regulation (O.Reg.) 123/98


A local resolution must be resolved within ___ of the complainant reporting to the police.

30 days


What section entitled “Fairness, Discrimination and Harassment” of the Standards of Conduct prohibits discriminatory behaviour.



What section of the Standards of Conduct directs members to report acts of discreditable conduct which may be criminal in nature or lie entirely within the realm of employee misconduct, or both.



As the Suspending Officer, When suspending a police officer from duty shall notify:

the Duty Inspector - Duty Desk


means a two-part process involving an initial interview with the unit commander about management practices and/or accommodation factors, and a second phase that may include heightened monitoring of performance beyond the annual evaluation to improve an individual's work performance.

Special Review


What section of the Standards of Conduct shall be used as a guide for addressing complaints of unsatisfactory work performance for civilians



As the investigating supervisor, when determining that an OIPRD conduct complaint cannot be resolved by an informal resolution shall prepare a Report of Investigation and forward electronically within ___ days to the unit commander

ninety (90)