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Who is responsible for the booking, lodging and safekeeping of prisoners?

The booking officer


The booking officer shall use a target of ___ minutes between cell checks having regard for all the circumstances during the tour of duty



The booking officer shall awaken intoxicated persons a minimum of every __ hours but more frequently if circumstances require



When in charge of a unit with audio/video equipment in the detention facility shall ensure requests for repairs or adjustments to the equipment are reported to who?

the Help Desk


What additional authorities from the Criminal Code allow a peace officer to arrest without warrant?

s. 495(1)
s. 524(2)
s. 525(6)
s. 31(1) CC


What section of the Criminal Code allow any person to arrest without warrant?

s. 494


Prior to entering a dwelling–house to execute an arrest warrant, members shall, whenever possible, obtain

an endorsement on the arrest warrant under ss. 529(1) CC, or

an authorization warrant (Form 7.1) under s. 529.1 CC.


When releasing a person who shall ensure that they have been served with a TPS 493?

Officer in Charge


What ruling was made in 2001 regarding the search of persons incident to arrest?

R v. Golden


Except in the case of a Level 3 or 4 search of a person, the decision of the appropriate level of search rests with

The searching officer


A police officer may search a person:

with a person's consent
 when authorized by statute
 after an arrest has been made (common law – incident to an arrest)


The right to search as an incident to a lawful arrest is found in

common law


means a video surveillance system installed in the sally–port, booking hall and other areas of a police facility that is designed to record the booking and release of all prisoners as they enter and leave a police facility.

Booking Hall System (BHS)


means a video surveillance system installed in the prisoner detention areas of a police facility, such as the cells and the bullpen, which is designed to monitor and record the condition of prisoners while they are in custody.

Detention Area Monitoring System (DAMS)


When a Level 3 search must be conducted in the field, the searching officers shall immediately notify __ upon their arrival at the police station.

the officer in charge


Who shall ensure that applicable sections of this Procedure relating to the care and handling of persons in custody is applied to all persons while detained in the police facility regardless of location

the officer in charge


A young person under 18 years of age may be lodged in a divisional cell only

to prevent injury or to protect others from aggressive behaviour AND
 when there is no adult present in the cells, OR
 when there is an adult present in the cells and there is adequate space to isolate the young person from the adult.


The Booking Officer shall forward the completed TPS 300 to WHO at 2400 hours each day or as soon as practicable

the Detective Sergeant


When receiving a person for lodging in police cells shall store the property bag and other personal effects in a secure area as designated by

the unit commander


If the BHS or DAMS equipment malfunctions shall immediately notify

the officer in charge and make the appropriate entry on the TPS 175


If an incident occurs in an area being monitored and recorded by the DAMS, who shall be notified to retrieve and preserve the relevant security recording?



What is the most important infection control measure for the prevention of self and cross contamination?

Hand washing


During the booking process, who is required to evaluate the mental and physical condition of the individual.

the officer in charge


Individuals who have taken hard drugs such as cocaine, heroin, etc., shall be monitored more closely for at least __ from the time when the drug was taken.

3 hours


If the prisoner's condition changes, or there is a concern regarding the health of the person, members shall notify

the officer in charge


Symptoms of AWS may appear within __ hours after a person’s last consumption of alcohol.

6 - 12


When lodging a transgender or transsexual prisoner, who shall determine the most appropriate placement of the individual.

the officer in charge


Where there are reasonable grounds to believe that a person under arrest has secreted weapons or evidence in a body cavity shall consult with:

the officer in charge


When a person in custody requires medical attention due to illness, injury or intoxication shall notify

the officer in charge


What arrest authority is given to a peace officer who may arrest any person who is found committing or it is believed on reasonable grounds is about to commit a breach of the peace?

s. 31(1) CC


What arrest authority is given to a peace officer who may arrest any person who on reasonable grounds, the officer believes is wanted on a warrant of arrest or committal, which is in force within the territorial jurisdiction where the person is found

s. 495(1)


What arrest authority is given to a peace officer who may arrest any person who has committed an indictable offence while on release for a criminal offence

s. 525(6)


A police officer may continue the arrest (summary, dual, indictable 553 offences) of a person where the public interest is not satisfied or for any indictable offence other than dual procedure and 553 indictable offences. The criteria for satisfying the ‘public interest’ are set out in

s. 497 CC


In circumstances where a continued detention is justified, the arrested person must be taken before:

an officer in charge


Excited delirium is a condition that can be caused by

drug or alcohol intoxication, psychiatric illness or a combination of both.


Section 1 of the Ontario Human Rights Code states “Every person has a right to equal treatment with respect to services, goods and facilities, without discrimination. Which one of this section is the issue that deals with religious beliefs?



Under the Search of Persons, when it is determined that a person cannot be accommodated, members must clearly articulate the reasons for the determination in their memorandum book including

all accommodation options considered.


The right to search as an incident to a lawful arrest is found in common law, and has been upheld by the Supreme Court, as long as the search is conducted for a

valid objective and is not conducted in an abusive fashion.


Who shall ensure searches are conducted appropriately and a Search of Person text template has been completed for all Level 3 and Level 4 searches, signed and enclosed in the applicable Confidential Crown Envelope

officer in charge


Mild symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal Syndome (AWS) can occur within ___ hours after discontinuance and should subside within ___ hours



Moderate symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome (AWS) can occur within ___ hours after discontinuance and should subside within __ hrs.



Symptoms of Delirium tremens (DTs) usually occur ___ hours after discontinuance



Material witness warrants are issued by a Justice for the apprehension of a witness who is evading service of a subpoena or has not appeared in court after being served a subpoena. What sections are they?

s. 698 and 705 CC


Anyone who, on reasonable grounds, believes that a person has committed an offence may lay an Information in writing and under oath before a Justice. What section is that?

s. 504 Criminal Code