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Who shall review the contents of the Confidential Crown Envelope ensuring the case manager has complied with the requirements of Procedure 12–01.

the officer in charge


When releasing an accused from the station on sexual assault, criminal harassment, or a domestic–related charge shall ensure the TPS 483 and the original copy of the release documents are forwarded to the:

Detective Sergeant


When a person is released on a Form 11, what does the value of the deposit shall not exceed?



Upon receipt of a Cash Bail Bond Envelope from an officer in charge, the police officer shall deliver the Cash Bail Envelope to:

the Clerk of the Court


Upon deciding that it is appropriate to compel a person to enter into conditions on a Form 11.1, the officer in charge shall ensure a copy of the applicable release form and a copy of the Form 11.1 are sent by TPS eFax forthwith to

Records Management Services – Operations

the Bail & Parole Enforcement Unit forthwith if including a reporting condition to Bail & Parole


The final decision to recommend the opposition of bail is the responsibility of:

the officer in charge.


When shall bail conditions be communicated personally to the victim?

As close as possible to the time bail is granted.


Who is responsible for monitoring all court appearances of the accused person for potential variances to the original bail conditions

Case Manager


Upon completion of any notification of bail conditions to the victim, the case manager shall ensure

that proper notations of the date, time, person contacted and other details, including attempts made to notify the victim are
 added as supplementary information to the original eReport


Who is ultimately responsible for notifying the victim for a release of a sexual assault, criminal harassment, a domestic-related case?

The officer in charge


Who shall ensure that the accused person is fingerprinted prior to transport to court in compliance with Procedure

Officer in Charge - Central Lock-Up


Who retains the discretion when the warrant in the first is endorsed by a issuing Justice?

The officer in charge


What type of warrant may be issued by the court upon the conviction of an accused for an offence. It directs peace officers to arrest the named/described individual and generally, in default of payment of monetary penalty set by the court, to serve a period of time in jail.

Warrants of Committal


What type of warrant is an arrest warrant in Form 7 issued by a Justice having jurisdiction when an accused has failed to attend court

Bench Warrant


When a person is arrested pursuant to a Superior Court bench warrant, who shall be advised forthwith?

the Superior Court Liaison Detective


If a "Fail to Appear" or additional charge is laid in relation to the execution of a bench warrant issued by the Superior Court of Justice (Superior Court), the new charge will be heard in the

Ontario Court of Justice (OCJ)


In the case of a bench warrant issued for drug charges, the person must be taken to

Old City Hall Courts


What are issued by a Justice for the apprehension of a witness who is evading service of a subpoena or has not appeared in court after being served a subpoena

Material Witness Warrants


What are the two (2) types of civil warrants for arrest?

Small Claims Court warrants
Civil Court warrants


the Health Protection and Promotion Act gives the __ having jurisdiction the authority to apply for a court order to compel the named person to be detained for treatment.

Medical Officer of Health (MOH)


What is the only medical facility in Ontario for treatment and control of contagious, virulent or infectious disease?

The West Park Healthcare Centre - 82 Buttonwood Avenue (in 12 Division)


When can an arrest warrant be executed?

at any time, unless otherwise indicated on the warrant


What section of the criminal code allows authority to Enter a Dwelling-House without Warrant due to Exigent Circumstances?

s. 529.3(1)


When executing an arrest warrant, the Police Officer shall notify

a Operations Supervisor - Communications Services


When seizing property during the execution of an arrest warrant shall file the applicable search warrant return within __ at the court location indicated in the Notice to Occupant section

seven (7) days of the execution


Who is responsible for investigating and processing all warrants when new criminal charges are laid?

The arresting unit


Who is responsible for processing the accused on the original charges if there are no additional warrant or new criminal charges?

The unit holding the warrant


Who shall be responsible for notifying the clerk of the court regarding a person arrested on a warrant?

The unit processing the person.


When processing a person on a surety warrant and access to the original Information is not available, what shall be obtained to bring the accused before the court for a new show cause hearing.

a judges order


A remand warrant allows the person to be held for up to __, until travel arrangements can be made.

six (6) days


All applications for the detention of property seized shall be made to a Justice at the appropriate court location between

0900 and 1600 hours, Monday to Friday (weekends and statutory holidays excluded)


Who should be consulted for direction on the return of property which was seized as evidence, prior to returning any property to the lawful owner.

a crown attorney


Police officers are advised that found property is governed by the

Police Services Act (PSA)


What is the retention period for found bikes:

30 consecutive days


What is the retention period for all other general property?

90 consecutive days


Provided the retention period has expired and the lawful owner cannot be ascertained when are finders of property able to claim the found property?

within a seven (7) day grace period


In all instances where property, including cash, is seized as proceeds of crime or offence–related property, officers shall contact

the Financial Crimes Unit – Asset Forfeiture Unit (Asset Forfeiture Unit) as soon as possible


The detention of seized property where no charges are laid shall not exceed

three (3) months from the date of seizure.


In circumstances where it is necessary to detain property beyond one (1) year, an application for continued detention shall be made before

a Superior Court Justice


If a Justice refused to sign a Form 5.2 or recognize the common informant status shall complete a TPS 649 outlining the date and time, court location, name of the Justice and the circumstances and submit to

the unit commander through the next level supervisor


Who shall review and approve or deny all requests from officers for permission to present a Form 5.2 personally to a Justice, taking into consideration the exigencies of the Service

Officer in Charge or Designate


While guaring a prisoner in a hospital, visitors shall not be permitted in the room, unless approved by a

supervisory officer and a doctor.


When a person is to be guarded in a hospital, the Officer in Charge shall ensure the member guarding the person is relieved:

every four (4) hours


Pursuant to ___ of the Criminal Code, the Chief of Police has designated all police officers holding the rank of sergeant/detective, or a higher rank, as an officer in charge

Part XVI


Officers may use a common informant to file the Form 5.2 when property has been seized without a warrant and

- the accused is held for a show cause hearing
- the accused is released on a Form 9 or Form 10
- charges are laid and/or proceeding by way of a Criminal Summons
- charges are pending.


When appearing before a Justice, in addition to the above items listed in the crown envelope, may be asked to produce

the original search warrant and appendices, if applicable
 a copy of the original Information to Obtain a Search Warrant (Information), if applicable
 the seized property when directed by a Justice.


Once the Justice and the member have signed and dated the Form 5.2 and copies shall place one (1) copy of the signed Form 5.2 into the crown envelope to ensure it will be available for disclosure within __ days for Federal cases and ___ days for all other cases, from date of charge



When bail has been granted to the accused, who shall ensure the victim is advised of the option of registering with the Ministry of the Attorney General Victim Support Line for release notification from a detention facility, if applicable

Case Manager


A warrant to arrest is a written order signed by a judge, Justice of the Peace or



For provincial matters, what is required by the Provincial Offences Act (POA) for property seized under the authority of a search warrant only?

a TPS 130


What section of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA) requires that a Form 5.2 be completed for drug seizures

Section 13


When further detention of the seized property is required beyond the three (3) month period, what shall be completed.

TPS 143